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Adelaide Harman
Biographical information
  • December 31, 1846 (Berlin, Prussia. Age 17/196)
  • Undead
  • Princess (19th century)
  • Noblewoman/Socialite (20th century)
  • Nomadic Traveller (on-and-off)
  • Member of the Heretics (Formerly)


Family information
Family Members
  • Amara (Progenitor Of, Distant Ancestor)
  • Amara's Family and Relatives (Distant Ancestors)
  • Tatia (Ancestor)
  • Tatia's Family and Relatives (Ancestors)
  • Tatia's Unnamed Child (Ancestor)
  • Mr. Petrov (Ancestor)
  • Mrs. Petrova (Ancestor)
  • Katerina Petrova (Doppelgänger Of, Ancestor)
  • Katerina's Unnamed Sister (Ancestor)
  • Nadia Petrova (Ancestor)
  • Nadia's Child (Ancestor)
  • Wilhelm I, German Emperor (paternal grandfather)
  • Grand Duchess Yelena Yekaterina of Russia (paternal grandmother)
  • Louis Philippe I (maternal grandfather)
  • Marie Amalie of the Two Sicilies (maternal grandmother)
  • Prince Nicholas of Prussia and German Empire (father)
  • Princess Joséphine of Orléans (mother)
  • Isobel Flemming (Descendant)
  • Elena Gilbert (Descendant)
Supernatural information
Significant spells
Significant sires
Significant kills
  • Citizens of Berlin (19th century)
  • Citizens from city of Leipzig, Germany (19th century)
  • Citizens from town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany (19th century)
  • Other European towns/villages/cities (19th century-21st century)
  • Will (as a human)
Cause of death
  • Drained of blood (as a siphoner)
Killed by
Physical Appearance
  • 5'5"
Hair color
  • Brown
Eye color
  • Brown
Played by
First seen
Last seen

I cannot control my bloodlust; I am a Ripper.
Adelaide to Elena

Adelaide Mikaelson (née Harman) (born Princess Yelena Yekaterina Adelheid Luciana Magdelena Marie d'Orléans of House Hohenzollern) is one of the main female characters on the The Vampire DiariesShe is a 167-year-old siphoner/vampire hybrid and a former member of the Heretics. She is also the Petrova doppelgänger of the 19th century. 

She was kept away from the Daybreak Coven due to her unusual powers of siphoning; thus, she lived a relatively normal and human life until she met Kol Mikealson in 1861. She was drawn to Kol with his dark and mysterious ways and began spending time with him, quickly becoming his best friend. She unknowingly fell in love with him and eventually became engaged to Kol in early 1865. Kol also fell in love with Adelaide and confessed the truth to her, telling her who he truly was and what he planned to do. Feeling betrayed by him, Adelaide banished Kol from the castle and broke her engagement to him. 

Adelaide is a member of the House of HohenzollernOrléansBourbon-Two SiciliesHanoverRomanov which is also sometimes referred to as Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov, as well as several other royal and noble houses throughout Europe. She is a descendant of the Petrova Family and a former member of the Daybreak Coven.


Ada's Birth

Adelheid is born.

Princess Adelheid (Yelena Yekaterina Adelheid Luciana Magdelena Nikolai Marie d'Orléans) was born into the House of Hohenzollern on December 31, 1846 in Prussia. At a young age, it was discovered by her family that Adelheid could only generate magic if she siphoned it from another magical source or object. Having never seen such a thing before, the Elders of the Daybreak Coven began to experiment and closely watch over Adelheid, trying to find an answer to her strange powers. When they could not find the reason behind her powers, the Daybreak Coven finally sought out the help of their cousin-coven in America, the Gemini Coven. The Gemini Coven informed the Daybreak Coven about siphoners and recommended that they expel Adelaide from their coven.

As Adelaide was a member of a royal and important family, both within the coven and Europe, she could not be expelled. She was isolated and kept away from the Daybreak Coven instead, growing up with knowledge of the supernatural world, but having no part in it. Her role was to be the face and the representation of her royal family to the public and the people of Germany and Prussia.

Throughout the Vampire Diaries SeriesEdit


Physical AppearanceEdit

Powers and Abilities Edit

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