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Adrian Fell
Biographical information

18 February 1999, New York City (age 17)





Family information
Family Members
  • Hanna Fell (Twin sister)
Supernatural information
Physical Appearance
  • 6'1" (Feet)
Hair color


Eye color


Played by

Dominic Sherwood

Episode Count
  • 66
First seen


Last seen

The Departed

Kick ass and look good doing it. Hell, that’s what my dad used to tell me and it’s a motto I sure as hell live by.
Adrian explaining his family's 'code' of hunting

Everybody in Mystic Falls is intrigued with the arrival of twins Hanna and Adrian. Caroline, in particular, develops an interest in Adrian which he reciprocates much to Hanna's disapproval. Things get more intriguing when another newcomer arrives, Stefan Salvatore. Hanna and Adrian are actually hunters, trained since they were children to hunt down vampires, immune to Compulsion and able to use magic. They went to Mystic Falls specifically for the growing vampire population and have a plot to get rid of them all. Damon wants the twins to leave and taunts Hanna with Adrian's attachment to the too-human Caroline. At the Founder's Day festival, Hanna uses the Device to flush out the vampires and render them immobile but dormant werewolf Tyler Lockwood, who Caroline is driving home with, is also affected and crashes his car. Caroline is severely injured and dies after surgery, waking up as a vampire since Damon had slipped her some of his blood during the Halloween party. Adrian is devastated and tries to burn Damon to death as Elena pleads for him to stop. Meanwhile, an old friend comes back to haunt Hanna.

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