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"Please...yes...anything, I'll agree to anything...just save her. Save my daughter. Please!"
Théodore to Jackson, begging him to save his child.

Théodore Dubois is Adrienne's father. (IN CONSTRUCTION)


Delphine Dubois Edit

"Now, mon chérie...nothing could ever change the way I think of will always be my darling little girl...I love you, very much.""
—Delphine comforting her daughter after kids pick on her for her abilities.

Delphine Dubois (nee Moreau) is Adrienne's mother. Ever since the bomb first dropped on her daughter, Delphine never left her daughter's side for a moment. She was constantly caring for her, wiping her forehead, praying desperately to God that he might spare her child. Giving her morphine to try and keep the burning and aching away from her small child's already weakened and fragile form. When they were given the chance to save her, Delphine prepared her for travel to the doctor's lab. After her daughter's transformation, she was nothing but supportive and caring.

After the discovery of Jackson's true interests, and his experimentation on her daughter, Delphine was the first to suggest that they get Adrienne out of the country, as soon and far away as possible. Then, she suggested taking the rest of the family over the border into Germany until they could join them in America. She sends her daughters letters weekly.

Seraphine Dubois Edit


Seraphine Dubois; Adrienne's identical twin sister.

"Hey. We're in this together, okay? You and me; against the world. I'll make them take me-no one's seperating us."
Seraphine to her twin sister on moving to America.

Seraphine Dubois is Adrienne's identical twin sister, older than her by no more than 10 minutes only. Seraphine takes her job as 'the oldest sister' quite seriously. She was the first to be there the moment one of the Dubois children began to cry. When her sister had the accident with the Allied bomb in 1944, she stepped up to the plate now more than ever before. After her sister was turned into a Pre-Evolved Cyborg, she took on the role of her protector, and bodyguard. Her father, Théodore, taught her how to fight in secret so that she could defend Adrienne's honor if it was ever found necessary, if someone decided to call her a "monster" or "atrocity" or "disgrace to God". She and her sister were expelled after an incident when they were 16, shortly after Adrienne got her automated limbs fitted. A boy was bullying her, and Seraphine attacked him, leaving him brutally injured and her and her sister kicked out of the school.

When they found out the truth about Jackson, it was Seraphine who was chosen to flee with Adrienne to America, to help her to try and find a place to fit in and hide from the one who had deformed her. She continues to protect her even after they settled into Jupiter, Florida, and joined Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. She convinced Elsa to keep her as a helping hand. She cleans, sews costumes, and helps Ethel cook as part of her responsibilities.

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