Personality Edit

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Adrienne is shy, but will open up if you don't seem frightened of her.

"Yes, yes! These are different! But, they do not make me who I am! Je suis un être humain aussi! I am human too!"
Adrienne on her mechanical aspects.

In the time which Adrienne lived, WWII was ravaging Europe. And that included France, where she lived in Marseille. Ever since the Germans invaded, Adrienne was always noted to be more mature than other six year olds. It was as if she realized how serious this was, and how it could change their lives. In her 18 years, she has seen more terror and bloodshed than some do their entire lives. But, most of the time, she is good at hiding such things from others, in her atmosphere as well as from her family. The only one who ever is able to see completely through her 'everything is fine' act is her twin sister, Seraphine. She knows her better than anyone, as if they have a telepathic connection. Some believe that they just might.

After the bombing, when her legs, and arm were removed, Adrienne has been ashamed of her appearance. She feels like people stare at her, just because she is different from them. They do, and it bothers her deeply that she can't be the same because of her enhancements, her abnormalities. She avoids eye contact unless you make it with her first, or she sees you are not frightened of her. Her number one fear is being feared by others. She remains withdrawn, and enclosed to protect herself-if someone proves they are willing to accept her for who she is, she will let the walls down easily.

Adrienne doesn't like talking about her operation much, unless it is with people like her-so called "freaks" by the masses. She relates to them the best, and it is one of the reasons she loves Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities; where she can be around people just like her on a day to day basis and build relationships with other performers.

Appearance Edit

In construction. :)

Abilities Edit

See: Pre-Evolved Cyborgs

In construction :)

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