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This roleplay character belongs to Giselle and is currently archived.

Aleksandar Petrova
Aleksandar Petrova
Biographical information

June 5th, 1473 (18/538)


By Niklaus on April 4, 1492



  • Nobleman (15th Century)
  • Socialite (19th Century)
  • Member of The Travellers (formerly)


  • New Orleans (currently)
  • Mystic Falls, Virginia (formerly)
Family information
Family Members

Supernatural information
Cause of death

Perforated Jugular and Snapped Neck (as a human)

Killed by

Niklaus Mikaelson

Physical Appearance


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Played by

Ben Barnes

First seen
Last seen

Gone Girl


The Petrova blood is strong with this one.
Alek about Elena, Masquerade

Aleksandar Petrova, also known as Alexander Pierce, is one of the main protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. He is a vampire and the older, twin brother of Katerina Petrova, or more commonly known as Katherine Pierce. During the first half of the fifth season, he served as a minor antagonist. Because of his relations to Katherine, his motives and loyalties are often questioned and doubted.

Following his sister's exilement to England, Aleksandar met Elijah, Niklaus and Rebekah Mikaelson for the first time - and even formed a romantic relationship with Rebekah. Later, Alek found out that his sister was actually a Petrova Doppelgänger and that Klaus planned on sacrificing her, prompting Katherine to steal the moonstone that bound the curse, and run from the Mikaelsons. Because Katherine had run away, Niklaus killed Alek while he was with Rebekah. Later, it was revealed that Rebekah had been feeding Alek her blood to keep him safe from Klaus and also tricked him into completing his transformation by giving him wine laced with human blood. Accusing Rebekah of taking his choice to remain human and die, Alek ran from her and learned that Katherine had turned herself into a vampire, in order to escape Klaus' sacrifice. The two returned to Bulgaria only to find that Klaus had killed their entire family and for the next 500 years, Alek and Katherine would be on the run from him.

At some point between the 15th and 19th centures, he took on the alias Alexander Pierce (an anglicized version of his birth name) and met and befriended Pearl, Anna and Emily Bennett (who created a daylight ring for him). In the late 19th century, Alek and Katherine travelled to Mystic Falls where they met Stefan and Damon Salvatore, while the brothers hosted them at the Salvatore Estate. Katherine later turned Stefan and Damon and faked her death with the help of George Lockwood. Alek, believing his sister had died, left with Anna and Emily Bennett when the Town Council found out their identities as vampires.

During the 20th century, Alek lived a nomadic life - although he kept clear of Klaus or any of the other Originals - and spent a large portion of his time in Europe and New York. He returned to Mystic Falls in 2010, after hearing of Katherine's return and to warn Elena Gilbert about his sister.

Alek's notable ancestors include Amara, who was Silas' true love and presumably the world's first immortal woman, and Tatia, whose blood was involved in the creation of the spell of immortality that was cast on the Mikaelson Family and the curse that bound Klaus' werewolf side. He is also the maternal ancestor of Isobel Flemming and the latter's biological daughter, Elena Gilbert. He was once the romantic interest of Rebekah Mikaelson.

Aleksandar is a member of the Petrova Family.


Early LifeEdit

Aleksandar Petrova was born into a wealthy Bulgarian family on June 5th, 1473 as the firstborn son and child, as well as the older, twin brother of Katerina Petrova. As a result of his close relationship with Katerina, Alek held a sense of responsibility for her. Therefore, in 1490, when she became pregnant by an unknown man and was disowned by her family for the birth of an illegitimate daughter, Alek left his family to be with Katerina and to protect and accompany her in her exilement. He found the way his father reacted to be unreasonable; after all, Katerina was a young girl of 17 years and well within her rights to make mistakes. Moreover, Aleksandar himself felt devastated that he would never get to know his niece.

Alek and Katherine -1492-

Katerina and Alexander in 1492.

In England, he met a vampire named Trevor, who introduced him and his sister to Lord Elijah, Lord Niklaus and Lady Rebekah. Aleksandar and Rebekah shared a mutual attraction that later developed into a romantic relationship. Because she feared that Niklaus would end up killing Alek, just as he had done with all her past lovers, Rebekah began feeding Alek her blood and compelling him to forget, so that he would be safe from her brother and the knowledge that she was a vampire. After Katerina found out that she was a Petrova Doppelgänger and that Niklaus was planning on using her to break the Hybrid Curse placed upon him, she stole the moonstone and attempted to run. In retaliation for her theft and betrayal, Niklaus found Aleksandar and killed him by biting into his jugular before snapping his neck, despite Rebekah's pleas to reconsider. 

With the help of Trevor, who had fallen deeply in love with her, Katerina was able to run until she was found by Rose and tricked her into aiding her vampire transformation. When Aleksandar woke the next morning, his body felt different and strange and his mind was erratic with new sensations. Rebekah convinced him to drink a glass of wine - laced with blood - and succeeded in tricking him into completing his transformation into a vampire. Initially, Alek hadn't planned on going through with the transformation - he had seen the monstrosity in Niklaus' eyes when he had come to kill him and didn't want the same to happen to him. When Rebekah revealed that she had laced his drink with human blood, Aleksandar fled from her, angry that she had taken his choice away. Elijah and Niklaus were on the hunt for Katerina and were never alerted to the fact that Aleksandar had survived and completed the transformation into a vampire.

In the later months of 1492, Alek returned to Bulgaria around the same time Katerina did, only to find that in retaliation for robbing his only chance to break his curse, Niklaus had killed their entire family. Katerina apologized for leaving Alek behind and running off with the moonstone in the first place. She claimed that she would do whatever it took to survive, including that she thought Rebekah would be able to protect Alek from any harm. Alek forgave his sister, and the two fled from Bulgaria once more.

1498 - 1864Edit


Sometime during 1498, Aleksandar and Katerina returned to Bulgaria, after escaping from Klaus, and searched every village and cottage for Katerina's daughter, Nadia Petrova, who was eight at the time. Unfortunately, they did not find her anywhere.


In the year 1720, Katerina killed a man outside the French Court of Versailles, while Alek was with her. At the same time, Nadia offered to pay a man, who witnessed Katerina kill the man, for information on her mother and uncle.


372 years had passed before Aleksandar arrived in Mystic Falls, Virginia - and in that time he had met and befriended two vampires named Pearl and Anna, as well as a witch named Emily Bennett. He had also taken the name Alexander Pierce, as to avoid detection from Klaus or any of the other Mikaelsons. Emily, who travelled with them ever since Katherine had saved her life, had provided Alek with a Lapis Lazuli ring and Katherine with Lapis Lazuli necklace to protect themselves from the sun, making them daywalkers. Alek and Katherine were taken in by one of the town's founders, Giuseppe Salvatore, and hosted as the Salvatore Estate after spinning a tale of how their entire family were killed in a fire that left them orphans.

Alek and Katherine -1864-

Katherine, Alek and Pearl in 1864.

Katherine met and fell in love with Giuseppe's youngest son, Stefan Salvatore, while she began a physical relationship with Damon Salvatore, Stefan's older brother. Alek preferred to stay in the company of Pearl, and found he often had to cover up for Katherine whenever she slipped up or made mistakes that could've alerted the town of their vampire nature. Even so, Stefan and Damon became good friends with Alek, and on a number of occasions he had warned Katherine of the consequences of toying with them. Inevitably, the Founding Families were alerted by the vampire presence in their town after Katherine had created a few several vampires. Alek and Pearl tried to convince Katherine to leave Mystic Falls before they were all found out, but Katherine refused claiming she had a plan in motion. Her plan was to turn Stefan and Damon into vampires after seducing them both during her stay.

Alek chastised Katherine for putting them all in danger for the affections of the Salvatore boys. He accused her of being reckless and just as dangerous and sadistic as the Mikaelsons - Katherine retaliated that she didn't need him to survive and that she would be alright on her own. That night, Alek planned to leave Mystic Falls with Pearl, Anna and Emily; however, their plan was interrupted when Pearl was captured and Alek learned that Giuseppe had tricked and captured Katherine as well. Later, Alek found out that the Founder's Council had rounded up all the vampires and taken them to Fell's Church to be destroyed. He had no idea that Katherine had payed off George Lockwood to help her escape, as Katherine had made Emily promise not to tell Alek so he wouldn't come looking for her.

Believing that Katherine had died in Fell's Church, Alek was consumed with regret. After a couple of years, he left Anna and Emily and travelled back to live in Bulgaria. For the next sixty years, Alek spend most of his time in Europe, including living in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Italy and what was known then as Czechoslovakia. This allowed him to accumulate an extensive language selection, as well as wealth.

1920's - 1970Edit


Over the years he married a few times, but only into small, rich families so it allowed him to discreetly inherit their wealth after his bride had 'tradgically' met her death; and gradually, he built up a fortune. Alek decided to trace his family's bloodline to present day, through Katherine's lost daughter, and his niece. Somewhere around 1947, he found Nadia Petrova - astounded that she, herself, was also a vampire - and the two of them formed a close relationship and friendship almost immediately. However, Alek didn't have the heart to tell her that he believed her mother to be dead, and the two of them parted ways when Nadia decided to continue searching for Katherine.


Alek returned to the United States in 1970, where he resided in New York as a young businessman.

The Vampire DiariesEdit

The Originals SeriesEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

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