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Alison Dare
Alison Dare
Biographical information

December 31st (23 years old)



  • Student (formerly)
  • Waitress (formerly)
  • Sales Associate (formerly)
  • Human (formerly)
  • Ghost (currently)


  • Grandview, Connecticut
Family information
Family Members
  • Melinda Dare (mother)
  • Daniel Dare (father)
  • Olivia Dare (twin sister)
  • Jeremy Dare (brother)
Supernatural information
Cause of death

Hit by a car

Killed by


Physical Appearance
Played by
First seen

Birthday Presence

“I turned and walked through the wall. If nothing else, you have to love being dead for the dramatic exits.”
Alison to Eli about the perks of being a ghost

 Before her death, she was popular and very beloved. She was a know it all cheerleader, homecoming queen and prom queen. Alison's family lived next door to Eli Cohen's family for as long as she could remember. She is the identical twin sister of Liv, who is full of herself. It is shown that she loves her despite her flaws.

Alison's death was never solved. It is a cold case that is still an ongoing case due to recent events, which the local police have brought in the FBI to help solve the case of Alison Dare. Her killer has never been caught and has gone on a killing spree in Grandview. Bodies are beginning to pile up the more people dig into her death, the more bodies get dug up. It is suspected that Alison wasn't the target, but her twin sister Liv. Since her death, and becoming a ghost she has grown closer to Eli Cohen the boy next door since he began to help her deal with her afterlife of being dead. Despite living next to eachother their entire lives, they never really got along. In fact they hated each other until this past year, it took her dying for them to speak to eachother, or get along really. Eli was the only person who was able to see her at first, nobody else could see her or communicate with her. He has helped her adjust to being a spirit when she wouldn't leave him alone, which forced him to help her. 

Despite being completely different from each other, she had grown to love him and his demeanor. Since dying she had become more popular than she was when she was alive. She had many alliances that are trying to solve her murder, and some of them are other spirits that know much more than they are telling her and she knows it. 


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