These are all the relationships that occur throughout Allison's biography.
If a relationship is established through plotting, then they will instead be featured here [ link to be featured soon ]
However if a specific 'plotted' relationship develops Allisons biography then they may appear below.


Jason WardEdit


Jason, Allison's late boyfriend

Jason Ward was the boyfriend of Allison McGregor before he was bitten on the shoulder when on a supply run with Cameron McGregor, Jackson Reid and a few more people from the UGA survivors. He was shot by Cameron after begging to be 'dealt with' cause he just 'can't turn into one of those things'.

Jason and Allison met at The University of Georgia, during Allison's first year.

Jackson ReidEdit


Reid, a close friend of Allison.

Jackson Reid, is one of the Georgia Survivors.


Rodger McGregorEdit


Rodger, Allison's father

He's out there Cameron!......and I'm gonna find him, with or without you
Allison McGregor on finding her father.

Rodger is the father of Cameron and Allison McGregor, and his current whereabouts is unknown. Allison and Cameron don't know if their father is alive.

Cameron McGregorEdit


Cameron, Allison's twin brother

Right now.... my brother is all I've got
Allison McGregor on Cameron

Cameron is the twin brother of Allison

Elizabeth McGregorEdit

Moira McGregorEdit


Kenna LawsonEdit


Kenna, a close friend of Allison.

Alan FergusonEdit


Fergie, one of Allison's friends

Other (enemies, allies, etc)Edit

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