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Amara Volturi
Biographical information

Before 1300 B.C; Greece

Perpetual age


  • Alathea (Birth name)
  • Mini Caius (by the guard)
Physical description

Human/ Vampire Hybrid





Hair color


Eye color
  • Blue
  • Black (When thristy)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics

Basic vampire abilities

Special abilities

Power Absorption


The Volturi

My father is one of the Volturi leaders, I can do what the hell I want
— Amara Volturi

Amara Calliope Volturi is the biological daughter of Caius and Athenodora Volturi and a member of the Volturi coven. Born while her mother were still human and her father a vampire. Thus making her the first known human-vampire hybrid in existence.

She is portrayed by Skyler Samuels in the movie adaptions.

Early life Edit

To be added

Vampire life Edit

To be added

Physical appearence Edit


Amara is described as being 'unnaturally beautiful' even for being a hybrid, blonde hair falling down her shoulders. Her hair is usually in some sort of hair setting. Since she's a hybrid, her eyes are blue which makes it easier for her to fit in among humans than for the guards.

She's around 5'6" which makes her among the shortest members of the coven.

Personality Edit

Amara is, just like her father, ambitious and considered one of the crulest members of the Volturi. She takes any opportunity given to show her crulest side.

Powers and abilities Edit

Amara possesses the basic abilites for vampires as well as the ability of Power Absorption.

Power Absorption Edit

"She can steal your power, if only for a little while."
Amara possesses the ability Power Absorption which allows her to absorb powers from others, usually temporarily and the victims naturally regain their lost power, but some users may be able to absorb powers permanently.

relationships Edit

Caius Edit


Amara's father: Caius

"I'm keeping you here to keep you safe, not to make you feel like a prisoner."

"Funny, because that's what it feels like I am."

─ Caius & Amara discussing that Amara isn't allowed to leave the castle

Caius is Amara's father and the one Amara has her temper and cruelness from, they often fight because of Amara wanting to leave the castle while Caius wants to keep her there because he's afraid that she might get killed if she leaves.

athenodora Edit


Amara's mother: Athenodora

"I almost don't recognize my mother anymore, she's like a zombie because of Corin."

─ Amara about her mother, Athenodora

Athenodora is Amara's mother and the one she once was closest too, however, after Didyme's death when Sulpicia and Atheodora got locked in the tower, Amara grew apart from her mother and usually refers to her as a 'zombie'.

Portrayal Edit

Amara is portrayed by actress Skyler Samuels in New Moon & Breaking Dawn part 2

Appearances Edit

  • New Moon
  • New Moon (Film)
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Breaking Dawn - Part 2

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