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Amelia Mikaelson
Biographical information

10th century (age 21/1000+)


10th century (through The Immortality Spell)



  • Socialite (formerly)
  • Unemployeed


Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Cause of death
  • Snapped Neck
Killed by
Physical Appearance
Played by

Nina Dobrev

First seen
  • "Rose" TVD
  • "Always and Forever" TO
Last seen
  • "The Originals" TVD
  • "Always and Forever" TO
I am not like my siblings, I am not like my descendants. Looking at myself I see a mix of it together.
Amelia about her siblings and the doppelgängers

Amelia Mikaelson is a protagonist, and a main female character of The Vampire Diaries & The Originals. She is a Original but also a doppelgänger.

Born as a Petrova and a Mikaelson, Amelia never belonged to anything, really. Amelia and her siblings could get along but Mikael always saw her as a payback to Esther. He cheated on her with the mother of Tatia. The resemblance of Tatia and Amelia was so clear, that they always said they were twinsisters.

After the death of Henrik, it was decided by Esther to protect her children, so after the death of Amelia's mother, Esther also protected her. Which left to use Tatia's blood for the Spell.

Amelia is a member of the Mikaelson Family, and the Petrova Family.


10th century - 13th centuryEdit

The Middle AgesEdit

Amelia Mikaelson was the first-born daughter to Mikael and an unknown Petrova in an area in the New World that would come to be known as Mystic Falls. They lived among werewolves for about twenty years and during the full moon, the humans would simply hide in the underground caves while the werewolves turned. During Amelia's early life, she always had a weakness for Kol and he had one for her.

One morning after a full moon, Klaus came out of the woods, holding his dead little brother Henrik in his arms. Amelia came running to join his mother as she grieved Henrik's death.

To ensure that the rest of her family would survive, Esther used a spell (called The Immortality Spell). Mikael gave his children wine laced with blood from Tatia. Then he stabbed Amelia and his siblings through the heart and made them drink human blood. After becoming a vampire, Amelia, along with his family, made sure that the White Oak Tree, their one true weakness, would be destroyed.

Shortly after becoming a vampire, one night when Niklaus made his first human kill, it triggered his werewolf side. Mikael protected Amelia against Niklaus, to let her stay with the women. Amelia cared for Tatia after the ritual and they grew close.

One night, Esther was killed by Mikael. After that, Amelia left with Kol to Eastern Europe.

Italy, 1114Edit

Throughout this time, Amelia was with Kol in Eatern Europe. While he was making the Originals famous with his actions (most likely killing or turning people indiscriminately), she became a socialite. They later would join their siblings in Italy where they went to a party held at a vampire hunter named Alexander's home. He was later daggered in a surprise attack but revived by his brother Klaus (who was unaffected by the daggers thanks to his hybrid powers).

Between 13th and 20th CenturyEdit

Kol and Amelia traveled with some witches for a long period of time. Africa in the 14th century, Haiti in the 17th century and New Orleans in the 20th century. They all knew information about Silas, who they believed to be very dangerous if released. She holds witches in high esteem.

Somewhere in between, they came across a cult that worshiped Silas as a god despite the fact they would supposedly destroy the world. This is what made Kol decide to kill them all while Amelia tried to find another way.

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Just like Elijah , Amelia is someone who lives by a code of honor and morality that has been with her since she was human. She valued qualities such as compassion, honor and virtue long before her mother turned her into a vampire. Having learned to take care of her family over the years and being naturally responsible, like Elijah, Amelia developed into a very free-spirited, mature and independent person.

Original VampireEdit

Amelia is described as unpredictable, over-protective and stubborn, but also very warm, quiet, kind, smart, selfless, beautiful, empathetic, compassionate and caring towards others. She has also a bitchy side like Rebekah but mostly Amelia is like Elijah, she has a tendency to underestimate the people around her mainly because of her concerns for their safety. has a very sarcastic sense of humor, especially when he is angry. He is also very self-reliant, intellegent, strong-willed, determined, brave and headstrong. She strongly believes in trust, honesty and loyalty and whenever she would give her word to someone, she would keep it. This earned her the trust of her friends. She has a lot of respect and admiration for human life, which is unseen in many other vampires and is normally very reluctant to kill anyone when unnecessary as she is not a violent person at heart. She has a very impressive amount of control over her abilities. However despite her generous traits, her turning into a vampire also brought out more impulsive sides to his personality, developing a tendency to be shallow, insensitive, ignorant and an over achiever. She is always willing to kill whenever it suits her needs and shows little to no remorse about it. Amelia very rarely has tolerance for those who broke their words to her. Despite the fact that she always kept his word, she was proficient at finding loopholes in the deals she made and was very careful with those that she proposed, making it clear that whenever she did something, she hadn’t promised not to do it. Ultimately, she would always do whatever she needs to do to get what she wants. Amelia’s biggest defining trait, as well as her greatest weakness, is her love and loyalty to her family. She believes that it is her duty to preserve and protect them, despite knowing the consequences.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Physically, Amelia is a very beautiful young woman with an oval face, light olive complexion, almond-shaped brown eyes which are sometimes mistaken as doe-eyes, and smooth, long, straight dark brown hair. Her height is 5'7 (168 cm) and she has a slim, slightly athletic physique. Elena has an uncanny physical resemblance to her ancestor and descendants Katherine, Elena and Amara.

As style of fashion, Amelia wears a mix of casual and sexy. Mostly she walks on heels but also loves to wear dresses, sneakers and jeans. She just likes jewelry, but mostly wears only earrings.

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Attitude Toward HumansEdit

Amelia respects human life. She is shown to be generally gentle, kind, caring and considerate with humans, the opposite of her siblings. She has not been seen compelling a human. As a vampire, she strongly dislikes the idea of feeding on humans and instead feeds from blood bags. People say Amelia looks like Elijah but also looks like Elena and Katherine. When her siblings leave to New Orleans, Amelia decides to leave to Beacon Hills and tires to start a life there.

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