Amrit and Ledan
General Information

Ledan and Amrit Nayak

  • Were in a romantic relationship for a fair while (28 years)
  • Became friends again later on, and have stayed as such since
  • Known each other for almost 500 years
  • Ledan is Amrit's oldest friend
  • Amrit is one of Ledan's closest friends
  • Loyal to each other

For Ledan

  • Leda
  • Led

For Amrit

  • Am
First Met

1542, Madurai, India

Got Together

1544-1572 (28 years)

Important Events
  • Met in 1542
  • Leda teaches him basic magic, upon his request after seeing him heal a sick child.
  • Amrit takes it further and perfects his anti-ageing method, which is now one of the most promenently used methods.
  • Beginning of relationship in 1544
  • Travelling together
  • Amrit meets Thyrvï in 1546, which somehow leads to a violent altercation of some form over something said about Leda, leading to an animosity between Thyrvï an Am to this day
  • Messy break-up in 1572, due to disagreements on magical ethics
  • On bad terms until they meet up again, through complete chance, and reconcile in 1583; Leda realising he had been stupid
  • Decide to be friends
  • Keep in touch over years, going to each others' various get-togethers, occasionally slept together
  • Slept together at some point during or after Amrit's 500th birthday party, but definitely on his 500th birthday
  • Both Leda and Amrit find other partners in Dean and Gabriel respectively
  • Leda was hexed by Myrrine, a former friend of them both
  • Amrit tried extremely hard to find a cure for Ledan, but in the end could not find anything and Leda's mother had to die to resurrect him.

Close friends

þú þarft elsta vináttu mína, Leda. Ég hef alltaf mun vera við hlið ef þú þarft alltaf að. Þú verður að vera vel. Ég mun gera svona.
— Amrit talking about Leda in broken Nordic

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