Aria Kiriakis
Nina Dobrev as Aria Kiriakis
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  • A (by close friends)
  • Ari (by Michael)
  • Kiriakis (by EJ)
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Family information
Family members

  • Adrienne Kiriakis (mother)
  • Justin Kiriakis (father)
  • Sonny Kiriakis (brother)
  • Alexander Kiriakis II(step-brother)
  • Joey Kiriakis (adoptive brother)
  • Victor Kiriakis II (adoptive brother)
  • Alexander Kiriakis (grandfather)
  • Christina Kiriakis (grandmother)
  • Duke Johnson (grandfather)
  • Josephine Johnson (grandmother)
  • Victor Kiriakis (great-uncle)
  • Steve Johnson (uncle)
  • Jack Deveraux (uncle)
  • Abby Deveraux (first cousin)
  • Stephanie Johnson (first cousin)
  • JJ Deveraux (first cousin)
  • Joe Johnson (first cousin)
  • Bo Brady (first cousin)
  • Philip Kiriakis (first cousin)
  • Shawn-Douglas Brady (first cousin)
  • Isabella Kiriakis (daughter; with Chad DiMera)
Special characteristics
  • Kiriakis Family
  • Johnson Family
  • Brady Family
  • Horton Family
  • DiMera Family
  • Former High School Student
  • Former College Student
  • Former server at the Brady Pub
  • Former Server at Common Grounds coffee shop

"EJ...i`ll prove your innocence, if it's the last thing i do!"
—Aria to EJ as he's being arrested for murder.
 Ariana 'Aria' Kiriakis is a ficional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of our Lives.

Character HistoryEdit

Return To SalemEdit

Aria Kiriakis reuturns to Salem in 2006 for unknown reasons. Nobody knows her reasons for returning, not even her brother who she had a close relationship with. She was acting suspecious when she returned to Salem in 2006. She wasn't acting like herself, and always seemed to have a motive, such as her motive for breaking into EJ's place, which she ended up getting arrested for. It was never revealed why she broke in and made it look like a robbery when EJ arrived her found her and mentioned how he had given her a warning before and this time he was getting her arrested. After she got realeased she ended up leaving Salem. She returned for the second time and this time for good in 2009 after she heard about Chad's arrival in Salem. After being told about Chad arriving in Salem by Will in one of their daily conversations and that made her return home once again. She returned home with more secrets then the last time. Will knew about Aria and Chad's past relationship and he saw that as an opportunity to keep Chad away from Mia, knowing that with Aria's arrival in Salem with spark undeniable chemistry between the two and that would keep Chad away from Mia, at least he had hopped. Aria had run into Chad's brother, Michael who she also had a past with but never liked much she endured him for the sake of Chad, but since returning for the second time she had grown to have developed more of a relationship and more chemestry than she ever knew was possible to have with Michael. She ended up having a secret relationship with Michael which ended after a few months when she hooked up with Chad after thinking that Michael had cheated on her with her bedfriend. She ended things with Michael, and he ended up getting arrested for murder and going to pirsion. In 2011 it is revealed to everyone by T who has been bashing her brother for being gay, that Aria was pregnant with Chad's child when she left town before her return in 2006. It wasn't revealed to Chad until, Gabi mentioned it to him in order to get back at Aria. Chad ended up going to Aria's after finding out about her pregnancy and ended up getting into a heated arguement over it. Later when he meet's his daughter, he tells Aria that he wants to be part of her life. Aria ends up agreeing, and tells him to be in Isabelle's life he has to be in her's as well. He reluctantly agree's to her conditions. 




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