She awoke the next day with a thirst that no amount of water could quench and an ache in her bones that would not dissipate. Knowing that there was no way she could have survived the attack, Asa realised what had happened: she had become a vampire. Her first instinct had been to go home, but when she had arrived at the edge of the woods and seen Ketill and a now twelve-year-old Alrik out searching for her she had been struck with the need for blood. Realising that they would never be safe with her around, Asa had fled from the village. She'd resigned herself to die, not wanting to feed. In her attempt to get as far away from the village as she could, she had collapsed on the side of the road from the lack of blood. By the time night had fallen, a passing trader had seen her and stopped to offer aid. Asa had silently begged him to leave her alone but he had come closer. When he attempted to pick her up so that he could place her on his horse, Asa had attacked, all but ripping the mans throat out in her desperation to feed.

It took Asa fifteen years to learn to control the hunger and her impulses. By the time she returned to the village Alrik was already a man with two children and a third on the way. Asa was happy for him, though heartbroken that she had not been able watch him grow into the man he was as she had considered him to be like her son after she ran away with him. From the shadows she had watched he and his family, Ketill had apparently made good on his promise and had named Alrik as his son. She was pleased that he had apparently moved on after her and found a wife with whom he had several children. Knowing that she could not be a part of their lives, Asa swore to watch over Alrik's children and their descendants to fulfil the promise she made to her family, that she would protect them no matter the cost.

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