Asa is almost a century old by the time she leaves the new world for the first time. Being on a boat for eight months, she learnt how to avoid detection by feeding on someone, healing them, and then compelling them to forget. This proved to be an effective method that she would employ many times over her travels. Her family had made the move back to the old world and Asa had dutifully followed, finding them settled in a small village in Scotland. It begins to get harder for Asa to keep track of the family as it grows and spreads across the lands, most of her time being spent on the move so that she can keep track of as many as she can. It isn't until 1186 that she loses track of her family for the first time. She combs the churches records for months trying to find where her family has managed take up residence but with so many name changes it is impossible for her to locate them.

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