While in Iberia (modern day Spain) Asa was taking advantage of the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, feeding on the fallen soldiers and evading notice. This was were Asa came face to face with the man who had killed her for the first time in two centuries. He had not recognised her and Asa had gained his trust and learnt more about him. Eyjolfr suspected nothing of Asa's true motivations and welcomed her on his journeys. He revealed that a witch could cast a spell on a particular stone that would grant a vampire the ability to walk in the sunlight. Eyjolfr was a particularly vicious vampire who thrilled in the hunt, often tearing his victims apart as he fed. One night while he slept, Asa forced the girl he was with to ingest vervain and when he fed from her the next day he was incapacitated by her blood. Asa compelled the girl to forget all that had happened and never return to that part of town.

With Eyjolfr knocked out, Asa had tied him down to the roof of the house they had aquired and stole his daylight ring. She'd quickly realised that the ring had to be specifically enchanted for the particular vampire when the sun had begun to burn her flesh. From the shadows she had watched as Eyjolfr burned, never answering his pleas to tell her why she was doing it. This was the first time that Asa had done something purely out of revenge and spite.

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