Her meeting the witch who would later gift her with her daylight ring was pure chance. The witch was being sold at a slave market when Asa took pity on the woman and purchased her only to later set her free and even give her a name as the woman had never had one. Faeiqa. Despite the freedom that Asa gave her, Faeiqa insisted on journeying with Asa even after she learnt of the her true nature.

It took three months before Faeiqa revealed herself as a witch to Asa, though the vampire had suspected for some time. The two journeyed to the small village in which Faeiqa had been taken from as a child so that the woman could live out the rest of her life in peace.

Before they parted ways Faeiqa's grandmother, a woman who distrusted Asa but appriciated her grandaughter being returned, revealed that she knew of the spell that would allow Asa to journey in the daylight. Though the woman did not reveal how she knew of it, Faeiqa did perform the spell for Asa once she returned with a ring bearing the special stone the spell required. That morning Asa had done nothing more than lie on the ground and allow the sun to beat down on her, enjoying the sunlight for the first time in three hundred years.

Asa left the village after that and never again saw Faeiqa. Though she did return some years later and met her several grandchildren.

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