Born sometime during the late 10th Century, Asa was the youngest daughter of Svanhvít and Jófríðr, and the younger sister to Tatia. Almost six years younger than her sister, Asa grew up admiring Tatia and often attempted to follow her around. She was a rather quiet child, often hiding behind her mother or sister but those close with the family knew that she had a wicked tongue when provoked and was often described as "[she] played the role of baby sister dutifully, always following Tatia around like a lost puppy. There were times though when she was alone that you could see it in her eyes, she understood more than she let on. I think she understood better than any of us." (Rebekah). 


asa as a child

By the time Asa was eight, her sister had become interested in the Mikaelson brothers Elijah and Niklaus and Asa found company in Henrik Mikaelson. The two would often be seen running around the village playing games and causing mischief. It was during this time that Asa began to step out of the shadows of her sister and create an identity for herself. Many believed that she and Henrik would grow up to marry, and Mikael and Svanhvit even discussed the idea of the two, but both Asa and Henrik protested that they saw one another as siblings and would never marry.

asa and tatia

At thirteen she was known for being somewhat of a troublemaker and was often suspected for tricks played around the village, though nothing could ever be proven. Asa still craved the approval of her older sister and could still be seen following her around. Their mother had grown weaker over the years and so Tatia had become Asa's main female influence. It is strongly suspected that Asa knew of the romantic entanglements between Tatia, Niklaus, and Elijah but she never spoke of it to anyone, choosing instead to keep her sisters secret.

Her life was changed forever when one night, when the village were all hiding in the caves from the wolves, she realised that Henrik had never arrived. The next day she had learnt of his demise and spent the following two days refusing to work, needing to grieve the loss of her best friend. Not long after that Tatia was summoned to speak with Esther, but before she went she asked Asa to watch over her son, Alrik, as their mothers health had taken a turn for the worse that day and she was not well enough to look after the child. That was the last time that Asa had ever seen her sister.

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