Romantic RelationshipsEdit

Jacob van VlietEdit


Lost Love: Jacob van Vliet

"He was the first human, the first man that I could picture myself spending the rest of my life with. I loved him as deeply as was possible. He was the one I spent centuries waiting for and I would gladly do it again for a moment of the happiness I felt while I was with him."
— talking about jacob

Family RelationshipsEdit


Older Sister: Tatia


"My sister was not cruel. She did truly love Elijah and Niklaus. I watched her struggle with her feelings for them, it tore her apart more than anyone. It was just who she was. She loved recklessly and with equal measure."
— explaining tatia's relationship with the mikaelsons to elena


Distant Niece: Katerina Petrova

Katerina Petrova (Katherine Pierce)Edit

"I think when I met her I was expecting to find my sister again. But Katerina was so different. Like night and day, but I could see some of Tatia in her. She was so strong, even as a child. I suppose that is why she endures still. We are a family of survivors."
— on meeting katherine for the first time


Distant Niece: Elena Gilbert

Elena GilbertEdit

"Do not ask me to say which of them you remind me more of. The three of you may share a face but you are separate people. Tatia and Katerina do not define who you are Elena. It is up to you and you alone to decide how you shape your life."
— after elena asks if she is like her doppelgängers



The vampire responsible for turning Asa: Eyjolfr


"There are just some people, when they're made vampires they revel in the power it affords them. He was like that. He pillaged and fed, causing chaos and destruction as he went. I think he was the first person I took pleasure in killing."
— talking about her sire

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