Asa is first introduced into the series during the episode "Ghost World", being seen talking to the ghost Anna and interrupted by Frederick. This all occurs moments before the body of Tobias Fell in shown hanging from a tree. Later at the Gathering for The Illumination Night Asa is again seen wandering through the crowds of people gathered in the square but no scene is actually shown with her talking to any of the central characters of the show. Later during the reunion between Anna and Pearl, Asa is shown standing in the background. It is unclear whether or not she saw the two reunited as she is gone when the camera pans back to her.

In "Ordinary People" the only appearance made by Asa is of her sitting by Henrik before Mikael attacks Klaus and a commotion is cause. She is not seen again. It is revealed by Asa in a later episode that she and Henrik were friends.

The next indirect mention of Asa is in "The Ties That Bind" when Abby Bennett talks about a vampire who gave her the spell to desiccate Mikael. Bonnie asks why a vampire would have that sort of spell but Abby reveals that she knows nothing about the vampire, only that she "was there one minute, holding the ticket to Elena's safety, gone the next." Later in the episode, she appears before Elena and warns her to be quiet while she breaks the ropes keeping her captive in the barn. Jamie is distracted by a diversion Asa creates outside. She dissappears once Elena's ropes are broken, allowing for the younger girl to escape on her own.

During "Bringing Out The Dead" Klaus and Elijah discuss Tatia with Damon and Stefan, Asa's name is mentioned briefly as her younger sister.

"Dangerous Liaisons" is the first episode in which a main character is seen talking to her. While she is seen many times throughout the Mikaelsons ball, it is later in the evening that Elena sees her and calls out to her. Asa disappears before Elena can catch up with her. It also revealed in a later episode that Rebekah learnt of Asa's presence in the town that night, not knowing exactly who she was but that she was an old vampire. Later that night Elena goes into her room and is startled to see Asa sitting on the roof outside of Elena's room, not having an invitation. This is the first time Asa is heard talking, telling Elena that they "have much to discuss."

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