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Asher "Ash" Richard Nichols
Biographical information

July 30th 1980



Place of Birth

Taupo, Waikato, New Zealand


USA, nomadic







  • Ash
Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Matthew Nichols (father)
  • Susanna Nichols (mother)
  • Dylan Nichols † (brother)
  • Lacey Nichols (daughter)
Love Interest(s)
  • Richard Zhu (friend, team-mate)
  • Jesse Rogers † (friend, team-mate)
  • Anthony Mason (friend, team-mate)
  • Aarun Mehra † (friend, team-mate)
Other characteristics
Specific Skills
  • Basic Weapons training
    • Guns
    • Knives
  • Medium
    • Can see ghosts whether they're 'projecting' or not.
  • Tarot card reading
  • Palm reading
  • Psychic readings
Specific Weakness
  • All human weaknesses
  • Depression

English (first language)



Drink of Choice

World beers

  • Lacey Nichols
  • Himself

It's a wonder you people are still alive, you're aware of that right?
— Asher to Dean Winchester.

Asher "Ash" Richard Nichols  (b. 07/30/80 Taupo Hospital)  is the son of Matthew Nichols, a veterinary nurse, and Susanna Nichols (nee Hansen), an orthopedic nurse; he had one older brother, Dylan Nichols, who died when Ash was 8, leasding to the descovery of his power to see ghosts, without them having to 'project'.

He is a somewhat popular 'psychic', due to his appearence on Paranormal Investigators, a Ghost Hunter-esque reality TV-Show following Anthony Mason and fellow 'experts' in the paranormal as they investigate supposed hauntings. It was working on the show he met his late wife Zelda Price, with whom he had his daughter, Lacey. 

Paranormal Investigators aired for five years, from 2001 and was popular in its genre until 2006, when it was forced to cancel due to an incident (later considered to be a stunt for more DVD sales by conspircacy theorists) wherein the majority of the team, including Asher's wife Zelda, were killed during the filming of episode 9 of its would be 6th season, filmed at the Nova Hotel in Springfield, Tennessee in November 2006.

After the incident, he and the surviving members of the team drifted apart, as most of them wanted to stop working with the supernatural all together, and Ash wanted to start learning how to actually deal with this stuff  in an effective way. He begun to travel the country, researching and charging for fortune-tellings and seances where he could (though most if not all of that was a scam), also writing a book on being a medium and his experience at the Nova Hotel.

Asher is a fairly experienced hunter now, having clocked almost 9 years of hunting, whilst raising Lacey, without getting himself killed. He gains most of his money from book sales and the aformentioned fortune-tellings and seances.

Asher enjoys hanging out in sports bars in his downtime, watching the soccer, rugby, basketball and darts, whichever one is on. He describes himself as an "amateur beer connoisseur", which is his way of saying he drinks a lot of beer. He likes musicals, specifically rock operas.

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