Bonnie and Kennedy
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Konnie, Bonnedy

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It’s a mess. It is fucking impossible, and it’s a mess, and Damon’s going to know it was us. I mean, he’d know it was us anyway…alright, i’m in, but if it explodes on us, I get to say ‘I told you so’, deal?
Bonnie and Kennedy plan a prank on Damon.

The relationship between Bonnie and Kennedy is [to be added].

Kennedy and Bonnie's friendship sometimes takes second place on the screen to Bonnie's friendship with Elena; however, Kennedy and Bonnie are shown to be just as close, if not perhaps closer at times. Once introduced to each other as children, Bonnie and Kennedy were attached at the hip. Unaware of Kennedy's past connections to the Bennett line or that Bonnie was meant to be the protector of her soul, the two girls have been best friends since they were toddlers. Although Kennedy's a year older, Bonnie and her can always be seen hanging out—whether it be at the movies, the park, or at each other's house. They understand each other and are able to express their opinions and thoughts without fear of being judged by the other. When Kennedy discovered she was a witch as well, Bonnie helped her learn how to control her powers.

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