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Briar Lucas
Biographical information

March 23rd, 1905


105 (physically - 18)






Kitsune - Musical branch

  • Briar Lucas
  • Briar Akiyama
  • Kairi Akiyama
Physical description


Family information
Special characteristics
Specific Skills

amazing at the violin and dancing, can see human and music wavelengths

Specific Weakness


  • Lucas Family
  • Akiyama Family

McCall Pack

"His name is Charles Augustus III. And he prefers being called that instead of some violin that a kid like me has. He has a soul too, you know. How would you like it if I called you some violin?"
— Briar Lucas about her violin, Charles Augustus III

Briar Lucas, birthname being Kairi Akiyama , was born in Beacon Hills, California to an unknown father (Japanese branch) and mother (American branch), and was adopted by a wonderful loving couple, Scarlett Lucas and Jacob Lucas.

Briar doesn't know anything as to why her parents abandoned her, or even what she is, all she knows is that any information about her father seems to be M.I.A. Briar found out at age sixteen about her mother, and when Briar went to visit/meet her personally, the house seemed to be abandoned.

Briar eventually had to outlive her adoptive parents all while looking like her teenage self, and had no idea as to why this was, but eventually passed it off. For 87 years, Briar continued looking young and it wasn't until the Yukimura family came to Beacon Hills that she learns her correct name for what she is; a Kitsune. With Musical abilities.

It explained a lot when she held her violin, Charles Augustus III, that it felt like it gave her more poise and balance in life, similar to Kira with her sword.

Season 1Edit

Briar doesn't have a lot of episodes or scenes in this season like all the others.

Briar became friends with Allison Argent and Lydia Martin after they catch her playing her violin after school hours, and since then, she wasn't shown without Lydia next to her.

Scott sees an outline of a fox on Briar Rose when his eyes flash in the middle of school, he tries to tell Stiles about it but Stiles eventually tells him that he's imagining stuff.

Briar is one of the many people on prom night who helps bring Lydia to the hospital after finding out she's been attacked by something, and stays at the hospital every chance she can get, along with Stiles Stilinski.

Season 2Edit


  • Lindsey Stirling, who portrays Briar Lucas, is known as the Dancing Violinist from her YouTube channel and videos.
  • Briar was the first Kitsune on the show before Kira Yukimura and her mother.
  • Briar is one of the rarest Kitsunes.
    • This is because she's American and it's rare to find one.
      • Mainly because Kitsune's come from Asian cultures, mainly Japan.

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