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Bsalvatore profile
Brielle Salvatore
Biographical information

March 28th, 1986


November 12th, 2005




Bri, Brielle Kenner, Brielle Deveraux


Witch-Vampire Hybrid




Mystic Falls, Virginia

Family information
Family Members

Silas † (Ancestor)
Giuseppe Salvatore † (Paternal Grandfather)
Lillian Salvatore † (Paternal Grandmother)
Delilah Deveraux † (Paternal Grandmother)
Nathan Kenner † (Paternal Grandfather)
Lydia Deveraux (Kenner) (Mother)
Stefan Salvatore (Father)
Damon Salvatore (Paternal Uncle)
Zach Salvatore † (Distant Cousin)

Supernatural information
Cause of death

Drunk Driving Accident (As a human)

Physical Appearance


Hair color


Eye color


Played by

Lily Collins

Brielle Madeleine Salvatore (Kenner) is a main character on The Vampire Diaries. She the biological daughter of the vampire Stefan Salvatore and the witch Dia Kenner. She is distantly descended from the immortal, Silas, and is the newest generation of the Salvatore bloodline. She is a descendant from the Deveraux witch bloodline, on her mother's side, and related to the Kenner family.

She was conceived through a pregnancy ritual, written and preformed by her mother, that allowed her to carry the biological child of a vampire. This made her a Witch-Vampire Hybrid, and the only known hybrid of her kind in existence, at the moment. From the moment of her birth, she was wanted dead by witches and vampires alike - her very existence going against the laws of nature. Another one of nature's loopholes, exploited and let see the light of day.

When she was four years old, her mother faked both her and Brielle's deaths in a house fire - taking her daughter and fleeing in the dead of night, leaving Stefan behind to assume his daughter and mother of his child dead. Dia raised their daughter on her own, telling her that her father was dead whenever the child asked questions about him. She was also not told about being a hybrid, only told she was a witch. But, her mother had to continuously slip her blood in mixed drinks - telling Brielle it was a "secret recipe". She was unaware that her entire life was basically a lie, to protect her from those who wanted to hurt her.

Being raised by a single mother, never settling in one place for more than a year or two caused Brielle to eventually develop a bit of a rebellious personality, and acted out frequently; in her high school years resorting to drinking and drugs, much to her mother's dismay. At nineteen years old, she died in a drunk driving accident on the way home from a party, triggering her transition into a full Witch-Vampire Hybrid. Dia was then forced to tell her the truth about everything, promising she could find her father, if she chose to complete the transition, and that she would stop lying to her. Brielle drank human blood to complete the transition, jumping forward into this unknown new world of what was a whole new species. Neither her or her mother knew what to expect from that point onwards.

Four years later, she returns to Mystic Falls, to finally reunite with her father, after nineteen years of her being "dead". Even through her mother's reluctance, she decided to stay in the Salvatore Boarding House with him, her mother staying in an apartment nearby.

Brielle is a member of the O'Bryan, and the Salvatore families.

Biography Edit

Conception / In Utero Edit

Birth / Afterbirth Edit

Early life Edit

Childhood Edit

Adolescent years Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Brielle resembles her mother, Dia, in many ways, but her eyes are blue, like her grandmother, Lilly, and her uncle, Damon.
  • She can be described as physically beautiful, a tall and leggy brunette.

Name Edit

Brielle is of Irish or French origin. In Irish, the name is simply a shortened version of Gabrielle. In French, the name is meaning "God is my Strength." Brielle is also a town/municipality/historic seaport in the western Netherlands, where the name is supposedly originated from the Celtic word "brogilo"-which means "closed area" or alternatedly, "hunting grounds". ( It is pronounced Bree-eLe )

Trivia Edit

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