Leaving a ConversationEdit

  • "Well, if you need something blown up.. you know where to find me."

Party Banter/OriginsEdit

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Party Panter/AwakeningsEdit

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Party Banter/InquisitionEdit

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Calina and SolasEdit

  • Solas: "You seem to be quite proficient at magic."
  • Calina: "Same to you."
  • Solas: "Thankyou. It's hard to resist learning the intricacies of magic, when every new possibility explored can be either something completely new and untouced or something forgotten and found. Fascinating, is it not?"
  • Calina: "Yeah, also it's cool when shit blows up"
  • Solas: (sighs)


  • Calina: "Can I blow it up?"
  • Solas: "That would be unwise."
  • Calina: "So what you're telling me is that I can't cause it to turn to ash in a twirling inferno?"
  • Solas: "Yes."
  • Calina: (sighs) "I can dream."

(If Ellyn is in the party)

  • Ellyn: "Is it organic, can I cast walking bomb on it? Yes? Then we're in business"
  • Solas: "It is possible you could but it would be a misguded effort."
  • Calina: "We didn't ask if it was a god idea. I just wanna know if we can do it"


  • Solas: "I see you have mastered the craft of the Arcane Warriors. I thought all the Dalish clans had lost that.. "
  • Calina: "Ah yeah, we got it from this glass thing in an elven ruin, it was trapped, we freed it, it told me how to smash things with magic."
  • Solas: "Smash things.. I don't know what I expected."
  • Calina: "It's nice it still exists, don't get me wrong, but it's also really satisfying when you just.. mmm.. smash something."


  • Solas: "You say you are Dalish, but your vallaslin, it's not like other Dalish I've seen."
  • Calina: "It's not really.. done properly. I had to leave my clan before I got it, I was supposed to go somewhere else, but I was captured by the the templars and.. I asked another former Dalish elf who was in the circle to help me. She was older than me.. she already had hers."
  • Solas: "Do you know what it means?"
  • Calina: "It's for Mythal, she was always my favourite."
  • Solas: "Hmmm"


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