Caroline and Kennedy
General Information


Intimacy Level

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First Met

Childhood (Elementary School)


Best friends

Kenn, if I can run five different school and town committees and be captain of the cheerleading squad—you can at least make time to try out.
Caroline tries to convince Kennedy to try out for the cheer team.

The relationship between Caroline and Kennedy is [to be added].

Having been friends since elementary school, Caroline and Kennedy started off on a rough patch. Kennedy had accidentally spilled rad paint over Caroline's favorite white dress. However, the two got over the initial spat and became close friends soon after. Their favorite activities together are shopping and flirting with hot guys. Unlike Bonnie, Kennedy did not shut out Caroline after she became a vampire and was one of the few who had faith that Caroline would be fine, having seen how strong Caroline was as a person before. Kennedy wasn't surprised to see that vampirism had made Caroline into a more confident individual.

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