Cassia Bolton
Season(s) 4, 5
Also known as Cassia Snow (Formerly)
The Northern Cat
Status Alive
Age 16
Allegiance House Bolton
Culture Northmen
Religion Old Gods of the Forest
Family Roose Bolton - Father

{Unnamed mother}
Ramsay Bolton - Half-brother
Walda Bolton - Stepmother

{Domeric Bolton} - Half-brother
Portrayed by Camren Bicondova
This roleplay character belongs to Antonia and can be found here
“I don't care particulary much about what happens to you.”
— Cassia to Sansa Stark

Cassia Bolton is the legitimized bastard daughter of Roose Bolton and an unnamed woman. The half-sister to Ramsay Bolton. Many are often fooled by her innocent looks, but in truth she's just as ruthless as her half-brother Ramsay.

She is portrayed by actress Camren Bicondova in season four and five of Game of Thrones.

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