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Charlie Parker
Biographical information

April 17th




Glascow; Scotland (Formerly)
London; UK (Formerly)
Forks; WA



Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Light Brown

Skin color


Family information
Family members

■ Nate Parker (Father)
■ Amelia Parker (Mother) ♰
■ Joshua Parker (Older brother) ♰
■ Collin Littlesea (Imprinter/Boyfriend)

Other characteristics
He makes me feel a happiness I haven't felt for years.
— Charlie about her feelings for Collin

Charlie Parker is the daughter of deputy Nate Parker and Amelia Parker and the younger sister of Joshua Parker. She is also the imprint of Collin Littlesea.

She is portrayed by actress Crystal Reed in the movie adaptions.

biography Edit

Charlie Parker was born on April 17th to Nate and Amelia Parker, as their second child and only daughter. Charlie's birth was a joy for the family, after her mother, Amelia, had several miscarriages before her daughter was born.

Charlie was never the calm child, always causing mischief and being the wild child, as her parents said. But she always was good and kind.

When Charlie was 16, her mother and brother died in a car crash not far from their home in Glascow.

Tumblr m7ndpo46rf1qzlt9yo1 250

Charlie having a breakdown at the hospital when her father tells her about her mother and brother's passing

This incident changed Charlie's life forever, not even a year after her mother and brother's deaths, Charlie and her father moved to her mother's home town London. However, they didn't live there long before Nate figured that the best way for Charlie to move on was to move far away from everything.

That's when they moved to Forks, WA. Nate getting a job at Forks police station and Charlie becoming a student at Forks high school.

This helped the girl to move on after the death of her mother and brother, and she quickly became friends with Bella Swan just like her father became friends with Chief Swan.

When Charlie and her father had lived in Forks for about 6 months, she met Collin Littlesea when she went with Bella to La Push and he imprinted on her.

Collin didn't only become Charlie's best friend after this, but also her boyfriend.

breaking dawn part 2 Edit

You only get a climpse of Charlie in Breaking Dawn, where she's seen hugging Collin after the confrontation with the Volturi.

Physical apperance Edit

1314576609 crystal-reed-lg

Charlie is described as unnaturally pale for being a human with dark brown, straight hair that reached to her scapula. Her eyes light brown, like her mother's were. She's around 5'8".

Personality Edit

Charlie is described as being kind and good, but with a temper. This a result from the sudden death of her mother and brother. She is also very wild and enjoys partying when given the chance.

relationships Edit

Nate parker Edit

Tumblr n2t8ipEsfn1rr4o07o5 250

Charlie with her father, Nate Parker

Nate Parker is Charlie's father and in some ways her best friend. He works as a deputy at Forks police station and is a close friend of Chief Swan.

He was the husband of Amelia Parker and the father of Joshua Parker. His wife and son both died when Charlie was 16.

Amelia parker Edit


Charlie's deceased mother, Amelia Parker

Amelia was Charlie's mother and best friend, the wife of Nate Parker and mother of Joshua Parker. She died in a car crash along with her son when Charlie was 16.

Joshua parker Edit

Tumblr mbj63lW6Tb1rrqpumo2 500

Charlie's deceased older brother, Joshua Parker

Joshua was Charlie's older brother, they had the typical siblings bond with constant fighting but he was always there for his little sister. He was the only son of Amelia and Nate and died in the same car crash that killed Charlie's mother Amelia when she was 16. Not a day passes when Charlie doesn't miss her brother, however it has gotten easier over the years.

collin littlesea Edit

Tumblr mshv8j9IH21r9pr2so1 500

Charlie with her imprinter and boyfriend Collin

Collin is Charlie's best friend, boyfriend and imprinter. She spends most of her time with him which makes her father happy because he sees how happy Collin makes his daughter.

Charlie and Collin met when Charlie went with Bella to La Push and he imprinted on her right away.

Since then the two has been close to inseparable and many nights Collin stays with Charlie to keep her nightmares away.

portrayal Edit

Charlie is portrayed by Crystal Reed in Breaking Dawn part 2.

Crystal Reed 003

Actress Crystal Reed

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