This roleplay character belongs to SaiyukiLover232 (Averie).

Daelyn-Hadley Renner
Daelyn-Hadley Renner
Season(s) 4-11
Species Tribrid (Demon, Angel, Human)
Status Alive
Title/Alias Jaimie Alexander (fake name)

Lee-Lee (by Gabriel)
Lee (by Clint)
The Chosen One/Prophesied One (by Castiel, Metatron, and other Angels)
My Queen (by Crowley)
Tribrid Freak (by Dean)

Occupation Hunter (on-off)

Woman of Letter

Affiliation: Herself

Renner Family
Winchester Family (on-off)
Men of Letters
Castiel (on-off)
Crowley (on-off)

Family Clinton Renner (brother)

Castiel (maternal uncle)
Angels (maternal aunts and uncles)

Portrayed by: Amber Heard

Daelyn-Hadley Jamesina Renner (better known as Jaimie Alexander) is a powerful "cambion" or "katako ", a half-human, half-demon. Despite this, she is a hunter as well as a member of the Men of Letters.

She is good friends with her cousins, Sam and Dean, an on-and-off again ally and friend of the angel Castiel, and is very close to Crowley. She was also a very close friend of the late prophet, Kevin Tran.

Jaimie is a member of the Renner Family, as well as a relative of the Winchester Family, via her mother.

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