Damon and Eva
General Information


Intimacy Level

Enemies; He killed her father and turned her into a human-vampire hybrid, he emotional and psychological abused her. She is obsessed with getting back at him for what he did to her and her father. She is a nuisance to him. They fight and bicker constantly, though he will protect her if harm comes

First Met

Septemb​er 8, 2009


Enemies, distant paternal half uncle and distant paternal half niece.

Am I the only one with freakin' common sense in this town to actually see Damon for what he really is?
— Evangeline talking about Damon.

The relationship between the distant vampire uncle and distant human-vampire hybrid niece, Damon Salvatore and Evangeline Salvatore. The pair were initially somewhat close prior to Evangeline discovering the truth about her uncles (though it involved a lot of lying and manipulating on Damon's behalf) however their relationship changed dramatically once Evangeline watched Damon kill her father and 

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