Daniella Lockwood
Biographical information

June 7, 1989 (22/23)


2010 (by Niklaus)



Marital Status


  • College Student (formerly)
  • Medical Student (currently)
  • Computer repair technician (part-time, currently)
  • Werewolf (formerly)
  • Hybrid (currently, Niklaus' bloodline)
  • Cypress, Virginia (born)
  • Arcola, Virginia (formerly)
  • Whitmore College (as of several years ago, formerly)
  • Mystic Falls, Virginia (currently)
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Her mother (technically)
  • Unnamed hiker (accidentally)
Cause of death

Snapped neck (as werewolf)

Killed by

Niklaus Mikaelson

Physical Appearance


Hair color


Eye color


Played by

Meghan Ory

What’s to say that I don’t like being a hybrid. The blood thing sucks, no pun intended, but there’s blood bags, I don’t have to hurt anyone.
Daniella's naively positive outlook

Daniella "Dani" Beth Lockwood is one of the main female characters in The Vampire Diaries. Dani is the daughter of Michael and Lucia Lockwood, the step-daughter of Katrina Lockwood (née Raiser) , the wife of Eva Salvatore and sister-in-law of Ezra Salvatore. Dani also has two uncles, Mason and Richard as well as an aunt (by marriage) Carol Lockwood, meaning that Tyler Lockwood is Dani's cousin.

When Dani arrived in Mystic Falls, she was a werewolf but later became a hybrid after she and her cousin, were turned as an experiment by Klaus, who planned to make a hybrid army. As of season 5, Dani is the only remaining hybrid that was turned by Klaus himself, and as of season 1 of The Originals one of only 4 in existence, the others being Hayley Marshall, Klaus and their daughter. 

Dani harbours a lot of guilt; this is because of both the way she triggered her curse, by her mother dying in childbirth, and something she did when she was a teenager while in wolf form, killing an innocent hiker. Despite neither of these things being technically her fault, Daniel still blames herself for both things; and believes she has to do something to atone.

Dani is a fan of RPG video games, and has mentioned that one of her favourite things to do to relax is play the elder scrolls game, Skyrim, her favourite. He has also mentioned playing and enjoying the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games. She is also a fan of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, The Waking Dead and Game of ThronesShe enjoys discussing things like this at length with Robin Greene and Ezra Salvatore.

Dani first appeared in season 2, arriving for her uncle's funeral after having not been in town for about 4 years. It becomes apparent that she and Mason were not on good terms, though they resolved the situation before Mason's death. 

Daniella is a member of the Lockwood Family and an in-law of the Salvatore Family.

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