Evangeline SalvatoreEdit


Daniel's wife, Eva

Bring it on, Buffy
— Dan challenging Eva to an arm wrestle.

Evangeline Salvatore, more frequently known as Eva (or, most commonly, "Evie" to Dan), is Dan's wife of almost 2 years. The two met when he arrived in town for his uncle's funeral, and she acidentally ended up 'trespassing' on the Lockwood grounds, though Dan mostly found this funny, and it got them talking.

This was around the time Damon Salvatore, Eva's 'cousin' was suspicious of Dan and his uncle, Mason Lockwood, as he didn't know what they were. Curious, he used the fact that he and Eva were hitting it off pretty well to lure him into a trap.

Robin Greene (ex)Edit


Robin, Daniel's ex



Michael LockwoodEdit


Michael, Dan's father


Lucia LockwoodEdit


Lucia, before her death.


Katrina LockwoodEdit


Katrina, Daniel's step mother


Tyler LockwoodEdit


Tyler Lockwood, Dan's cousin.


Mason LockwoodEdit


Mason Lockwood, Dan's uncle.


Richard LockwoodEdit


Richard Lockwood, another of Dan's uncles.


Carol LockwoodEdit


Carol, Dan's aunt by marriage.



Laela SalvatoreEdit


Laela Salvatore, Dan's best friend.


Damon SalvatoreEdit


Damon, Dan's best friend.

I'm sorry about the whole Mason thing, okay?
— One of Damon's non-apologies

Damon Salvatore is Dan's ill-advised best friend whom he's not sure how he worked up the bad karma to deserve. Dan became unintentionally friends with him, after initially disliking him, when he ended up helping him with several genuinely important situations. Due to this he thinks there is some good in Damon, despite all of the shitty things he's done.

Damon initially gained Dan's hatred for good reason. Because of his curiousity for what Dan and his uncle Mason were, and the fact also suspected one of them knew where the moonstone was. This led to him capturing and torturing them both for its location, and eventually killing Mason. 

Ezra SalvatoreEdit


Ezra, Dan's friend and brother-in-law



Klaus MikaelsonEdit

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