Daniel Snyder
Daniel Snyder
Biographical information

May 26th, 1967 (age 33)





Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Many unnamed vampires
  • Many unnamed Werewolves
Killed by
  • Unknown Vampire
Physical Appearance
Played by

Jensen Ackles

First seen
Last seen

Fifty Shades of Grayson (flashback)

Your right. I’m not going to kill her. I think slow torture’s the way to go.
Daniel to Phoebe Augustine

 Daniel Snyder was the husband of Phoebe Augustine  and the adoptive father of Madeleine Augustine. Daniel knew from a very young age all about the supernatural world, and the truth about the town, his family was on the Town Council.  Daniel was raised as a hunter by his parents to hunt and kill Vampires and Werewolves . Daniel was killed in 2001 by a vampire while hunting some vampires with his wife Phoebe Augustine , who was also killed. They behind their her daughter Madeleine Augustine, who they left to Phoebe's former boyfriend Zach Salvatore, who was Maddy's biological father, due to having no other living family to raise their daughter if anything were to happen to her or her husband. 

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