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Aislyn AwleyEdit


Aislyn Awley, Dom's wife

Aislyn's a magizoologist, it's a mouthful, but it's really interesting I swear.

Aislyn Awley is Dom's wife, whom he met during his time studying at Hogwarts, they have two children together; Robin and Eliza Awley. Aislyn is a muggle born witch, it was for this reason that, due to their marriage, Dom was disowned by his family; though he has stated on many occasions that this was "no great loss".

Aislyn is a magizoologist, and thus goes on varous expeditions to far-off places during the summer and writes about her experiences and observations upon her return. Melissa and Dom live in a house in Hogsmede with their children, so that he can be close to his family during term time.


Robin AwleyEdit

Eliza AwleyEdit


Abraxas MalfoyEdit

Morwenna MalfoyEdit

Lucius MalfoyEdit


Lucius, Dom's estranged elder brother who sees him as a "blood traitor"

Dom and Lucius were never close, to put it mildly. Lucius often teased Dom far past what was normal for brothers, which was especially troubling given that Lucius was almost eight years older than Domitius and thus was probably quite intimidating to him. Domitius also refused to listen to their father without question, as Lucius hand and was was taught they should. He questioned things when he didn't need to, and was "let off" by their mother.

Their relationship further declined when Dom attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff, this was seen by both their father and Lucius as a warning of what was to come. Lucius, who had already left the school by the time Dom was first arriving there was already working at the Ministry with eyes on a governor's position at the School




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