Drew and Eva
General Information

Drew Rosen and Evana Holmes

  • Holmesen
  • Evandrew
  • Married for 13 years
  • In love
  • Adopted a kid together (Tumblr verse)
  • Adopted 2 kids together (Skype verse)
  • Would die for one another
First Met

14th April 1986

Got Together

16th July 2000

Important Events
  • Met: 13th April 1986
  • Eva saved Drew's Life: when they met at college again in August 2000
  • Got together: 12th June 2000
  • Got engaged: 12th June 2002
  • Got married: 24th November 2003
  • Adopted: 2005
  • Drew died: 20th April 2010
  • Drew resurrected: 4th September 2014
  • 10th wedding aniverasry: 24th November 2013

Married (as of 24th November 2003)

Family Information
He was my husband, I loved him, and I got him killed. That's on me.

 Drew and Eva

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