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Emmeline Salvatore
Biographical information

June 23, 1848 (168/19)


1867 (By Jacqueline O'Malley)



  • Em (By Everyone)
  • Emmy (By Damon & Lillian.)
  • Little Salvatore (By Katherine & Klaus.)
  • Human (Originally/Formerly)
  • Vampire (Rebekah's bloodline)


  • Mystic Falls, Virginia (Currently)
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant sires
  • Amara Henderson † (1905)
Significant kills
  • Hannah Porter (1874)
  • San Francisco Hunters (1949)
Cause of death

Extreme Blood Loss

Physical Appearance


Hair color

Brown / Black

Eye color


Played by

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

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I Was Feeling Epic

Yes, because heavens forbid we get just one day without any supernatural mumbo jumbo bullshit or some…insane super powerful creature trying to kill us all. Ugh. I need a drink.
— Emmeline about her life in Mystic Falls.

Emmeline Richelle Salvatore is one of the main female protagonists in the The Vampire Diaries. She is the younger sister to Damon and Stefan Salvatore; and the only daughter and youngest child to Giuseppe and Lillian Salvatore. She is also the only sister to Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

She was separated from her brothers shortly before Katherine Pierce's arrival in Mystic Falls in 1864; having been sent away to be 'cured', after it was revealed that she was sexually attracted to women. She was turned in 1868 by a nurse named Jacqueline O'Malley, at the institution where her father had her sent.

The younger Salvatore was unaware of her brothers' existence as undead beings, and presumed them to be dead, after she was turned. She was also unaware of her father's death, as she stayed as far away from Mystic Falls as possible.

After committing her first kill, an accidental slip-up, in 1873 in which she lost control and killed her friend and fellow barmaid, Hannah Porter. She was found in the woods, hysterical and trying to dispose of the body by senior vampire, Phillipe Demortier. He soothed her guilt, helped her rid of the body and took her in. The two became very close friends; and Phillipe even took Emmeline back to Europe with him. She spent the remainder of the century there, working as a receptionist at his inn, and other odd jobs. She returned to America alone in 1901, but, stayed in touch with Phillipe.

In 1905, Emmeline fell in love with a charming young woman, by the name of Amara Henderson, in New Orleans, Louisiana. After finding out the feelings were returned, the two women began their secret love affair. Eventually, Emmeline revealed her true nature as a vampire to Amara, who expressed the desire to be turned; which Emmeline granted.

After living as a couple for a few years, Emmeline finally divulged all the secrets of her past, and the pair returned to Mystic Falls in 1912, at Amara's urging. Just in time for Zachariah Salvatore's funeral, and to stumble upon her brothers' immortal status. Feeling betrayed and upset, the youngest Salvatore fled.

She and Amara traveled together for years, until Amara's untimely death at the hands of a small hunters group, formed out of San Francisco. In a rage, Emmeline murdered them all after Amara had been staked, and returned her body to New Orleans to be buried.

The vampire flipped off her humanity switch, leaving it off for nearly 30 years; flipping it back on in 1978. But, only, after much violent cohersion. Threatening and coaxing included in this, from her old friend, and mentor; Phillipe Demortier. He had returned from France after Emmeline refused to answer his letters, simply due to her lack of humanity.

Emmeline returned to Mystic Falls in 2009, originally just for the irony, but stayed for Damon's "grand plan" to raise Katherine from the tomb. Since then, she has stuck around with her brothers to help them fight threat after supernatural threat plaguing her hometown; and defending her brothers after they get themselves into trouble, with happens quite often.

Early Life Edit

Emmeline was born in late June in her fathers' home in the newly founded town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. She was a healthy baby girl; the youngest of Lily and Giuseppe's three children, and their only daughter. Within the first few hours of life, she met her two older brothers, all wrapped in soft blankets, and held to her mothers' chest as the two boys peered in at their baby sister.

As she grew, Emmeline's health only seemed to flourish as she began to get bigger and stronger, soon going from cooing to crawling all around the manor, then to walking and talking. She was a happy baby, and a lively and energetic toddler. In her toddler years, she was close to both her brothers, seeming to follow the two boys wherever they were. She grew fairly close to her mother; noticing the cold and distant nature of her father, often clinging to her mothers' skirts, especially when he seemed to get in one of his moods.

Vampire Years Edit

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The Vampire Diaries Edit

Relationships Edit

Giuseppe Salvatore Edit

The father to Emmeline, Stefan, and Damon. He wasn't exactly her favorite person to be around, & she normally felt that he was cold & distant, and tended to play with Damon and Stefan to avoid having to deal with his drunken rages as much as possible. Where on the outside, Giuseppe was a perfect father to three beautiful children, even more a saint when his wife died & left him to raise them all on his own, Emmeline felt a lot of pressure from her father for her to be 'a perfect lady'. For her to find a good husband, have lots of babies, and make a wonderful housewife. And Emmeline knew, deep down, even since she was a little girl, that the housewife life wasn't one she was meant for. It wasn't the life she wanted to live. So, Giuseppe & Emmeline's relationship was definitely strained; with Emmeline wanting to make him happy, but, at the same time, being herself, which often disappointed her father. Playing in trees & mud, and getting her skirts torn playing with the boys wasn't what her father wanted for his perfect daughter, and Emmeline came to resent him for it. Resentment turned to hatred, of course, when Gisueppe eventually sent her away after catching her with another girl; hatred that held out even over a hundred and fifty years after this incident, and after his death in 1864; months after sending her away.

Damon Salvatore Edit

Emmeline's oldest brother, who is her elder by eight years. He looked out for her a lot when they were younger; being quite to the protective older brother, to both her & Stefan. This protectiveness of her only increased after the death of their mother. Damon was always the one Emmeline seemed closer to, especially when her relationship with Stefan fell apart. Damon encouraged her to be herself, and was less concerned with the perfect image of a 'lady' like their father was. He didn't mind Emmeline playing with the boys in town, and their father blamed Damon for turning his daughter against him, and even blamed the eldest Salvatore for spawning what he called Emmeline's 'illness'. (Her sexuality.) Damon was the most furious with Giuseppe when she was sent away, having been with the Confederates at the time, as it was the time of the Civil War; and wasn't there to prevent the incident from occuring at all. It wasn't a secret he despised Giuseppe for what he did, and wasn't afraid to let him know it. When Emmeline returned to Mystic Falls in 2009, it was apparent they kept in good terms, and their relationship soon blossomed into a very tight knit one, as if they were kids all over again. They were thick as thieves, and continued to be from that point on. Emmeline considered Damon to be someone she could trust, ever since they were children, and he considers her worthy of his trust in return.

Stefan Salvatore Edit

Emmeline's second older brother; who is older than her by two years, and definitely the brother who is the closest in age to her. The two had a close relationship when they were little kids, always playing together and confiding their secrets with one another; but, this seemed to only fall apart as they got older, and Stefan seemed to cling to their father's side more often to get in his good graces, where as his sister seemed to stray from it, and even found Stefan's desire to please their father annoying, and would even angrily call him 'Father's golden child', especially when upset with him. Despite not being as close as they used to be, she always apologized, and didn't seem to despise him for it. Emmeline became closer to Damon in this time frame, and drifted further from Stefan. When her father had her committed, she blames Stefan for not saving her, and places her death equally on his shoulder's, as well as Giuseppe's. They had a strained and almost non-existent relationship for nearly 150 years, until her return to Mystic Falls in 2009. Since then, she seems to have forgiven him for the transgressions of the past, and even begin to rebuild a close relationship with him, again. Currently, he's one of the few in town she feels she can trust, and ends up leaning on him about as much as she leans on Damon, and seems to have absolved her grudge against him.

Jacqueline O'Malley Edit

The nurse responsible for turning her; during her time in the institution. She was the one who smuggled her out of the morgue, out of the asylum and back into the real world. Getting her safely back to Thomas to start her adjustment to her new found vampirism. Jacqueline and Emmeline

Thomas Goode Edit

Lover, and eventually husband to Jacqueline O'Malley. Turned in the 1720s, in England; almost dying of Tuberculosis. Jacqueline was a nurse where he was being treated, and saved his life, by feeding him her blood to bring him back as a vampire. As she nursed him back to health, Thomas fell in love with her & she fell in love with him in return.

Violet Jones Edit

The witch who was friends with Jacqueline & Thomas in the 1800s; and who was with Thomas as he helped Emmeline adjust to her newfound immortality & control her various new powers & the like. She was from a small coven in the rural of New York, and a very gifted witch; and the one who was resonsible for spelling the new vampire a ring of Lapis Lazuli into a Daylight Ring- having heard from another witch the secret to the spell. And Emmeline definitely considered her a friend.

Phillipe DeMortier Edit

A man of French origin, who found Emmeline shortly after she lost control and killed her friend, Elizabeth King, out behind the small bar where she worked. Turned sometime during the French Revolution, and now a wealthy man in Europe. He had been in America on business, and soothed the girl of her guilt. After that, the French man took Emmeline under his wing, helping her to further her self control and to be able to use her gifts wisely and appropriately. He took her back to Europe with him; where she worked at his inn in Paris, helping him keep book, check in guests, and give the hotel touches of her own interior design. In the two decades they spent together, they became good friends, traveling all over Europe. Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, Scotland, and a number of other countries. He became her mentor, her confidant, and her best friend. When she returned to the States, her and Phillipe continued to remain good friends, communicating through post. Phillipe ended up finding Emmeline in 1979; and convinced her to turn back on her humanity, after she suffered the loss of Amara, thirty years previously. And he stays by her side for another decade until she can keep it together; & they remain close by phone, & email, even if not always close geographically.

Amara Henderson Edit

The first love of her life, and the first person that Emmeline ever turned.

Trivia Edit

  • Emmeline is the first female vampire seen in the show.
  • Jenna Dewan-Tatum, the actress who plays Emmeline Salvatore, also played a witch in the Lifetime series Witches of East End; which is ironic since the vampires and witches often butt heads.
  • Emmeline Salvatore is one of the only vampires shown in The Vampire Diaries, besides Aurora de Martel in the Originals that is a part of Rebekah Mikealson's sire line.