Love Interest(s)Edit

Faith WinchesterEdit

R wes 001
..basically she was about five times
out of my league with change and
I have no idea why she even put up
with me and I miss her more than
Ethan on Faith

Faith Winchester (née Matthews) was a martial arts teacher in Daytona Beach, Florida and Ethan Winchester's fiancée and later wife. She was hit by a drunk driver and killed in 2009.


Dean WinchesterEdit

Dean's not really crazy,
he's just.. enthusiastic
about his work really.
Ethan, about Dean

Dean Winchester is a veteran supernatural hunter, "the righteous man"/true vessel of the archangel Michael (probably formerly now), former demon (knight of hell to be exact, thanks Crowley) and the older brother of both Sam and Ethan Winchester. He and Sam have stopped multiple apocalypses together.

Sam WinchesterEdit

Sammy Win 001
..and Sam ain't even that
bad he just hangs out with
Dean too much..
Ethan, about Sam

Sam Winchester is a veteran supernatural hunter, former pychic kid/demon-blood junkie/antichist, true vessel of the archangel Lucifer, former vessel of Gadreel (thanks Dean), the younger twin brother of Ethan Winchester and the younger brother of Dean Winchester. He and Dean have stopped multiple apocalypses together.

Isobel MilliganEdit

Izzy Mil 001
Oh Iz? She's secretly a total
teddy bear I swear.
Ethan, about Isobel

Isobel Milligan is a relatively new but talented supernatural hunter, borderline sociopath, plan B vessel to the archangel Lucifer, the sister of Adam Milligan, the daughter of Kate Milligan and the half-sister of Sam, Dean and Ethan Winchester.

Sawyer RosenEdit

Sawyer Rosen 001
Sawyer, well, she...
..well see the thing
is.. she means well.
Ethan, about Sawyer

Sawyer Rosen is a college student, former supernatural hunter, true vessel to the archangel Thiel, former meatsuit to Posie, former drug addict and the younger sister of Sam, Dean and Ethan Winchester


Leda HaleEdit

Led 002
He's crazy cat witch man,
what's not to love.
Ethan on Leda

Leda Hale is a veteran witch, the son of a freaking archangel, borderline crazy cat man (to put it kindly), unnoficial team free will boss character, raging nerd (sorry but it's true), the boyfriend of Dean Winchester and one of Ethan Winchester's closest friends.


Gabriel 001
It's your turn babe,
did I say babe?
I meant Gabe
(he didnt), Ethan to Gabe

Gabriel is one of the archangels, the actual totally legit son of god, former warrior of heaven, part-time Norse god and business owner, uncle of Leda Hale, and the temporary fiancé and good friend of Ethan Winchester.


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