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Eva in the Wish!Verse

Man, I don't know you. Now I don't know what this whole playing friendly deal does for you but if you're a hunter I don't give a shit; I work alone, and I certainly don't fucking need some pretty boy's help. If you're just some guy, I'm not interested. I don't care what you do just leave me the fuck alone.
— Eva to Dean when he approached her.

In the Wish!Verse Eva has a harsh personality, swears a lot more than usual and is, according to her landlord, slightly deranged, as she is apparently damaged by the events in her past. As soon as Dean realities that something is amiss with his "wish", he decides to go to Eva for advice, under the impression that she would not have been affected by his family not being hunters.

He called Eva's mother as another hunter and found out that she was living in an apartment in Kansas City. Upon arriving at her complex she asked a man if he knew which floor Eva's apartment was on. The man, who turns out to be Eva's landlord says she's on floor 3, but that he should be careful, as she was deranged and had a gun collection, to witch Dean replied that Eva was a 'war' hero, which shut the man up.

When Dean goes to her apartment, treating her as a friend, to ask for help with the djinn she treats him with hostility, unsure why Dean, someone who, because his father was never a hunter, she had never met, would treat her like an old friend. More than that Wish!Eva is unstable, she has alienated herself from her surviving family and works in a bar, staying in Kansas City to track Melenie, who, because Dean didn't shoot her when they were teenagers, killed Scarlett when she was confronted and is still alive today.

Wish!Eva eventually reluctantly hands Dean a collection of notes on djinn under the pretense that he just "leave her the fuck alone" if she did. Eva appearing this way is odd, as it's hard to tell why her being this broken this way would entice Dean to stay in the Wish!Verse, as it can't be nice to see a friend in such pain, or to hear that other friends had died. However, the "wish" had other things in it that weren't completely desirable such as the lack of Sam and Dean's brotherly bond as well as all of the Winchesters cases being undone. This suggests that djinn don't control what Dean's subconscious will create from the wish, it only causes him to live it.

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