This roleplay character's verse belongs to Ruby and can be found here (tumblr).

Ezra Gene Salvatore
Biographical information

October 12, 1991 (35)






Mystic Falls, Virginia

Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Multiple Vampires
  • Robert (hybrid, self defence, staked)
  • Unnamed Vampire (self defence, staked)
Physical Appearance
Played by

Hugh Dancy

First seen
  • "Pilot"

Ezra "Ez" Gene Salvatore (b. October 12, 1991) is the son of Zach Salvatore, the distant nephew of Stefan and Damon Salvatore and the father of Zachary Salvatore, whom he named after his father. After the events of The Vampire Diaries, Ezra finished his college education, spent a few years hunting vampires before he met his ex-wife, Semra, and tried to settle down.

Soon after their marriage however, there was some kind of problem, and they split up, leaving Ezra to look after their son, with Zach seing his mother on occasion. He still has a relitively normal life at this point, wanting to keep Zach's life as average as possible. He lets Stefan visit on occasion, if he wants, but never Damon, due to his fear of history repeating.

Ezra is a member of the Salvatore Family.


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