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Stefan SalvatoreEdit

Ezra: "Where's my dad, Stefan?"
Stefan: "Ezra I need you to sit down."
Ezra: "No, Stefan, where is my dad? Just ell me, where's my dad?"
Ezra realising his Zach's dead as Stefan
     tries to calm him down.

Stefan Salvatore is one of Ezra's two paternal distant uncles, whom he was originally told were his cousins.

Ezra has a closer relationship to Stefan than he does to Damon. This is mostly due to the fact that Damon was the one who killed Zach, and that Stefan was the one who tried to pull him through the loss of his father. Even so, Ezra couldn't help but initially harbour some resentment toward Stefan for pretty much forcing him to be complicit in the cover-up of Zach's murder, despite knowing that it had to be that way.

He first met Stefan in Season One, when he arrived in town, catching Zach by surprise. Stefan having very rarely visited Zach, and even then, only when Ezra was with his mother. Zach reluctantly introduces Stefan to Ezra as his cousin, a story that he struggeld to believe from the outset, having never had an even an aunt or uncle mentioned to him before, let alone cousins, Zach neglecting to mention this side of the family to him in his entire life seemed to Ezra to be bizarre. This led Ezra to trt and work out what the truth about his 'cousins' were, despite being warned to avoid them by his father.

Ezra: "Stefan? Why are you here?"
Stefan: "It's about Damon, he's in trouble, I need your help."
Ezra: "Damon's in trouble? Oh good, I hope he dies."
Stefan: "Ez..."
Ezra: "Stefan, my father is dead because he was in a bad mood, so yeah, I might still be a bit pissed off about that, call me petty"
Ezra and Stefan on Damon.

When Zach dies

In Season Three, when Stefan's ripper side is revealed, Ezra is shocked and appauled. 

Damon SalvatoreEdit

Damon: "Is it just me or am I sensing a little bit of hostility here."
Ezra: "That's what you get form a guy when you murder his father."
Damon: "You're still whining about that?"
Ezra: "My father is dead because you were bored and he was there, so yeah, excuse me if I don't want to bake cookies and make friendship bracelets with you just yet."
Ezra and Damon argue.

Damon Salvatore is one of Ezra's two paternal distant uncles, whom he was originally told were his cousins.

Ezra has a hostile relationship with Damon, to say the least, favouring Stefan over him by a long strech. This is mostly due to the fact that Damon was the one who killed Zach, Ezra's father. It's because of this that Ezra has attempted to kill Damon on multiple occasions.

Zach SalvatoreEdit

Zach: "Just promise me you'll stay away from Damon okay?"
Ezra: "Why?"
Zach: "Just promise me?"
Ezra: "Sure, dad, okay."
Zach warns Ezra away from Damon

Zach Salvatore is Ezra's father.

Though Zach only appears very breifly on the show, he and Ezra are shwon to have a close relationship. Zach appears instantly concerned, as soon as Stefan arrives in town, for Ezra's safety, and thus warned him away from his 'cousins'. 

Evangeline SalvatoreEdit

Eva: "This, my dear brother, is the key to Damon’s bourbon stash."
Ezra: "Jackpot! Are we drinking it, or just messing with it?"
Eva: "Well, I was planning on lacing it with vervain, but who am I to say no to drinking my uncle’s beloved bourbon collection?"
Ezra: "And who am I to say no to a chance to piss of our dear uncle Damon?"
Eva and Ezra mess wiith Damon's stuff.

Evangeline Salvatore is Ezra's sister.

They share a close relationship, especially after Zach's death, though they still bicker over stupid things like any other set of siblings do. They take ownership of food seriously, there being no higher crime to them than stealing the last oreo.

Laela SalvatoreEdit



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