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Gabriella Mia Cullen
Biographical information

May 18, 1988



Perpetual age

18 (as of Eclipse)

Created by

Carlisle Cullen

Physical description
  • Human (Twilight - Breaking Dawn)
  • Vampire (Post Breaking Dawn)




Hair color


Eye color
  • Brown (human)
  • Red (newborn vampire)
  • Golden brown (vampire)
Skin color
  • Olive (human)
  • Pale, with an olive tint (vampire)
Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
Special abilities

Advanced Telepathy


I know that it should feel odd - being the human that's been adopted and raised by vampires. But honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better family. And if there's one thing I'm sure of, is that I wouldn't want anyone else but them.
— Gabriella on her family.

Gabriella Cullen (born Gabriella Mia Cullen in 1988) is a human and a member of the Olympic coven. She is the adoptive daughter to Carlisle and Esme Cullen. She is the adoptive sister to Emmett, Edward and Alice Cullen, as well as Jasper and Rosalie Hale. She is the adoptive sister-in-law of Bella Swan, and adoptive aunt to Renesmee Cullen

Gabriella was adopted by Carlisle and Esme when she was just a few weeks old. Esme had brought up the idea of adopting a human child to raise and, after a heated family discussion, Gabriella was adopted a few weeks later. During her ninth christmas the family secret was revealed to Gabriella after she accidentally cut her hand, which prompted Jasper to attack her.

Sometime after Gabriella turned fifteen she attended a party where she was almost raped by her boyfriend’s older brother. She managed to escape with bruises but the event left Gabriella traumatized. Shortly after the attack, the Cullen’s moved to Forks, Washington where they hoped to get Gabriella away from the nightmares that lingered in the previous town. Gabriella proves herself to be a compassionate ally and friend for Bella when she first discovers Edward’s secret, helping Bella to adapt being surrounded by vampires.

In New Moon, Gabriella’s existence became revealed to the Volturi after Aro read Edward and Alice’s mind, who then informed she had to either die or be turned into a vampire. Gabriella, who had never before considered or been asked if she wanted to one day turn or continue living her life as a human, ended up struggling with the ultimatum as she felt her choice was taken away from her. Her transformation is put off with the approach of Bella and Edward’s wedding, and more so when Bella falls pregnant.

In Breaking Dawn, Gabriella and her family are given a death sentence by the Volturi after Renesmee was mistaken for an immortal child. The Cullen’s are spared but Caius warns Gabriella has no more second chances as she hasn’t been turned yet. Aro - fascinated that she spent her entire life raised by vampires and aware of their nature - then reads her mind and senses potential if she was to turn, ultimately giving her one last chance to turn to die.

Despite her initial struggles, Gabriella comes to realize the ordeal of almost losing her entire family is something that she never wants to experience again, ultimately pushing her to accept her decision to become a vampire so she can be with them forever. After she turns, her will to never be helpless again was so strong that it gave her the special ability to mentally control any function of the brain: a gift more commonly known as advanced telepathy.


Early LifeEdit

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Rosalie plays with Gabriella

Bella: "Do you ever wonder who your real parents are?"
Gabriella: "I know the most logical answer would be to say yes, but honestly...I don't. I already have two parents who've done nothing but love and raise me. Legally, they may only be my adoptive parents, but to me they'll always be my real parents. Nothing will ever change that."
Gabriella expresses her feelings to Bella on her adoptive parents

Not much is known about Gabriella's birth parents aside that they were runaways who were killed in a car accident: Gabriella only just survived when her mother was given an emergency c-section. Two months before Gabriella's birth, Esme had brought up the subject with Carlisle that she wanted to adopt a human child; her maternal instincts were strong, even more as a vampire, and she desperately wanted a child of her own to raise, protect and love. Being very family motivated himself, Carlisle quickly agreed to Esme's plans and the two planned to make daily visits to the adoption centre.

Naturally of course, there was an uproar towards Carlisle and Esme's plans of adopting a human child into the family. Rosalie was the first to speak her outraged thoughts, however her anger quickly passed as she saw this as her once, and perhaps only chance, to experience life as a mother. Alice and Emmett were both overly excited on the prospect of gaining a new little brother or sister. Jasper wasn't fully against the idea, but at the same time he wasn't happy with it. Edward was the only one who felt completely against the idea, claiming that it would be like dangling a mouse in front of a snake. 

Carlisle and Esme spent the next few days looking at toddlers and babies that were looking for a home. It wasn't long before the couple were told of a baby girl who had recently been born, and who's mother had died while giving birth to her. Carlisle and Esme paid a visit to the hospital where Gabriella was being looked after, and as soon as Esme held her, she felt a instant connection with the child. After signing numerous adoption papers, Carlisle and Esme were finally able to take Gabriella home, and call her their own.

Upon her arrival, Gabriella quickly stole the hearts of her adoptive family (aside from Edward and Jasper). Rosalie and Esme took photos after photos of Gabriella, while Alice constantly brought new clothes for Gabriella and played dress ups. Carlisle and Esme decided that they would keep their secret of being vampires, a secret from Gabriella until she was old enough to understand. 


Gabriella as a child.

While at home, Gabriella occupied herself with playing and hanging out with her older siblings. She enjoyed playing dress ups with Rosalie and Alice, and was always eager to get into their make up bags. Rosalie saw Gabriella as the daughter she always wanted. She acted as a second mother towards her rather than a sister. Emmett was always eager to play with Gabriella, more so than she was eager to play with him. The pair played countless games, with Emmett going as far as allowing a six year old Gabriella to ruin his face with makeup. 

Jasper and Edward kept their distance from Gabriella. Although she had been apart of the family for more than half a decade, Edward was still upset with Carlisle and Esme's plans. He was concerned about his family's bloodlust, especially Jasper's, however he was more concerned if the word that a human had been adopted by vampires would reach the Volturi. He spent a lot of him in his room, and didn't dare speak nor look at Gabriella.

Jasper, on the otherhand, had learnt to accept Gabriella into the family, however he still kept his distance. Spending a century feeding on human blood and killing newborns had turned Jasper into a savage. Gabriella's blood was tempting to him, so he was careful around her, and tried not to get too close in case he lost control. He knew that if he slipped and killed Gabriella, he would hurt everyone in the family, especially Alice.

The Family SecretEdit

Bella: "I never wanted to have a party."
Carlisle: "It's not your fault. Jasper hasn't been away from human blood as long as the rest of us. This isn't the first time he's 'slipped'."
Bella: "What do you mean, not the first time?"
Carlisle: "When Gabriella was nine, we had a little ...incident. A little similar to what happened here today. Gabriella cut herself, Jasper lost control, and in the end we had to tell her the truth about what we really were."
Bella and Carlisle discuss Gabriella's past.

As Gabriella grew she began to notice strange things about her family. She would often wonder why their skin was so cold to the touch, why their eyes would change colour, or why she never saw any of her family eat around her. Gabriella decided to keep her thoughts to herself, fearing that it was just all in her head. It didn't help when some of the kids at school started to talk about Gabriella's family behind her back. They thought that she didn't hear them when they talked about how creepy they looked - how odd and out of place they looked - but Gabriella heard it all. She didn't like it when people spoke so rudely of her family like that. She didn't want to believe that any of it was true but the more she tried to ignore it, the more pressing the thoughts came to her. 


Gabriella during Christmas in 1997 (before Jasper almost attacks her).

During Christmas in 1997, the entire Cullen family spent their christmas morning around the tree, opening up presents. When it came to lunch time Gabriella assisted her mother with the cooking. She accidentally sliced her hand on one of the knives, causing blood to spill and grabbing Jasper's attention. He had forgotten completely about the people in the room, and Gabriella being his sister, as he lunged for her. He used an inhumane speed in an attempt to grab her, but was caught and held back by Carlisle and Emmett.

Gabriella was fairly shook up on the events that just occured. Esme and Rosalie comforted the crying Gabriella while Jasper was taken outside forcefully. When Carlisle returned, he and Esme decided that it was time to tell Gabriella the truth about them. Carlisle was very careful with his words as he finally told everything to his youngest daughter. Although frightened at first, Gabriella took the news surprisingly well. When she asked how was it that her parents were vampires and she was human, Carlisle was once again forced to explain that he and Esme weren't her biological parents. 

After the family secret was out in the open, the Cullen family found it much easier to be themselves around Gabriella. At first, Gabriella felt uneasy around her family, especially when they used their enhanced speed or inhumane strength, but she found herself quickly adapting. She didn't care if her family were vampires. From the years growing and loving the family who did nothing but love, protect and raise her, Gabriella knew that she wouldn't want any other family but them. Despite having accepted her family's "secret", Gabriella endured a few nightmares of her near attack from Jasper. Those nights in which the nightmares occured she would wake up in a cold sweat, however the nightmares slowly faded over time.


Edward plays with Gabriella.

"I'm sorry, I've been so angry. I've left you alone in this. I've isolated you, but I don't hate you Gabriella - I never have. I know you think I do, and you have every right to be angry at me for how I've treated you these past few years. But you're my sister, and I love you."
Edward apologizes to Gabriella

A few weeks after the incident with Jasper and Gabriella, Edward decided to stay home one day to look after Gabriella while the rest of the family went hunting. Edward used this time to apologize to Gabriella for acting so cold and ill towards her. He explained to Gabriella why he had been acting the way that he had and tells her that he is sorry for abandoning her. He admits that he has come to love and accept her as a sister, and is grateful that she came into their lives. After this, Edward became much more open towards Gabriella and as the years went by, the two became best friends. 

Teenage YearsEdit

Gabriella: "I don't get why we have to move now. Can't we stay a little longer?"
Carlisle: "People are starting to suspect, Gabriella. We can't stay in the one place for too long before people start to notice that we're not aging."
Gabriella: "I know but ... can't you and Mom dye your hair white or something?"
Gabriella discussing "keeping up appearances" with Carlisle.

Around the time when Gabriella turned thirteen, Edward had caught the thoughts of a few humans who were beginning to grow suspisious on the Cullen's non-aging appearance. This forced the family to pack up and move. Although Gabriella understood that her family could only stay in one place for so long, she was upset that she had no choice but to leave her friends behind. Nevertheless, she assisted her family with the move and within a matter of weeks, she became settled in her new home in Alaska. 


Gabriella meets the Denalis.

Shortly upon arrival, Gabriella quickly met coven of vegetarian vampires that her family had come see as "extended family". It was Gabriella's first introduction to vampires aside from her adoptive family, however despite the initial nerves Gabriella a polite demeanor as she met them. She took a strong liking to Carmen and Tanya, though felt somewhat unease by Irina and Kate. She also felt intimidated by Eleazar though was unaware of him voicing his distaste to the Cullen's privately about them breaking one of the Volturi's laws of exposing the vampire world to a human and letting them live/remain human.

Three months before her fifteenth birthday, while at a study period, Gabriella met a boy called Mark. The two bumped into each other a few times and began chatting frequently. Gabriella found herself taking a strong liking to Mark, even developing a small crush. It wasn't long before Mark gathered the courage to ask her out. Their first date sparked a sense of teenage romance between the two which quickly resulted into Gabriella and Mark becoming an official couple. 

Despite her young age, Carlisle and Esme approved of Gabriella dating due to her mature (for her age) and responsible personality. Although Gabriella wasn't ashamed of her family in any way, shape or form, she felt a lot comfortable inviting Mark to her house when she didn't have to worry about her older brothers hovering over her protectively and intimidating Mark. Alice and Esme would often gush about how cute Gabriella and Mark were together, which almost always resulted in a blushing Gabriella walking away at a fast pace. 


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New MoonEdit

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The Short Second Life of Bree TannerEdit

Gabriella doesn't appear in The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner as she is supposedly kept hidden at home, away from the battle and the newborns. Bree hears Alice mention Gabriella's name when she tells the Cullens of her vision revolving around Gabriella's kidnap.

Breaking DawnEdit

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Gabriella Cullen is portrayed by Nina Dobrev throughout the Twilight franchise.


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