Grace potter
Grace Potter
Biographical information

July 31, 1980 Godric's Hollow



  • The Girl Who Got Lucky
  • Potter Princess (By Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, etc.)
  • Undesirable No.2 (By the Ministry in 1998)
  • Pansy Parkinson (Under influence of Polyjuice Potion in 1993, and to Snatchers in 1998)

Hufflpuff Quidditch Captain (5th and 6th year)


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Family information
Family members
  • Mr. and Mrs. Evans(Maternal Grandparents)
  • Fleamont and Euphemia Potter(Paternal Grandparents)
  • Lily Potternée Evans (Mother)
  • James Potter(Father)
  • Harry Potter (Twin Brother)
  • Sirius Black † (Godfather)
  • Jennifer Hopewell (Legal Guardian/Adopted Aunt)
  • Petunia Dursley née Evans (Maternal Aunt)
  • Vernon Dursley (Maternal Uncle-in-Law)
  • Dudley Dursley (Maternal First Cousin)
Magical characteristics
  • People making fun of her (Formerly)
  • Harry, dead (Currently)

13 inches, unicorn hair, willow, surprisingly swishy






Grace Alison Potter is a protagonist, and one of the female leads in the Harry Potter series. She is the youngest child and only daughter to James and Lily Potter, and the often overlooked, overshadowed, and forgotten, younger twin sister to "The Boy Who Lived"; Harry Potter. Nicknamed "The Girl Who Got Lucky" by the public - as her part in surviving Voldemort's attack was chalked up mostly to luck.

Twins may have not been what James and Lily were expecting when Lily went into labor in late July of 1980 - but, nevertheless, they both immediately fell in love with the twins. One a dark haired, handsome baby boy, the other a cute, strawberry headed sweet girl. From their birth, the twins were rarely ever far from the other. They slept in the same bassinet, played together, and seemed to instantly bond with the other, from the day they were born.

Unfortunately, the bliss of the Potters' two bundles of joy didn't last very long-for it was soon after Albus Dumbledore told them of the prophecy, to which the Dark wizard, Lord Voldemort had interpreted the as Potters' son being a threat to him. That he had marked the baby for death. The Potters vanished- and went into hiding-the young parents determined to keep their children alive, and together, no matter what it took.

While Harry may have been the more outgoing baby, Grace was the sweet, shy type. But, she was very loving & affectionate, on her brother, ( whether he liked it or not. ) her parents, her godfather and family friends.

After Voldemort killed her parents in Godric's Hollow on that fateful Halloween of 1981, and Lily gave her life for her children, causing Voldemort's downfall, Grace was taken to her mother's sister, and her family-the dreadful Dursleys. They cast her out, and she went to live with an old friend of Lily's from her days at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Jenny Hopewell, the owner of a shop in Diagon Alley. Jenny raised the girl in the flat above her shop, and took care of her. While Harry remained unaware that he had a twin, Grace grew up on stories of her parents, and the promise that she'd be reunited with her brother when the time was right.

The twins were reunited on their eleventh birthday in 1991, when Rubeus Hagrid brought Harry his Hogwarts letter, and the two remained practically inseparable ever since. Despite them being sorted into different Houses, she remained close to her brother, and often times was found sneaking into the Gryffindor Common Room, a fact that everyone just sort of accepted by the end of their first year.

Grace has often helped Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in helping her brother save not only the school, but, the Wizarding world several times throughout their years at Hogwarts together.

She was named Chaser to the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team in her second year, a position she held for five years. In her fifth year, she was named Captain of the team, which she remained throughout fifth and sixth years.

During the Second Wizarding War, she left school with her brother, Ron, and Hermione to hunt Horcruxes. She returned with the group to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts on May 2, 1998. She, along with her twin, were named Teddy Lupin's godparents, and help his grandmother raise him following the deaths of his parents, Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin.

Grace is a member of the Potter family, and related to the Evans family, and a descendant of the Peverell family.

Early Life Edit

Grace Alison Potter was born July 31 of 1980, shortly follow her twin brother, Harry. Twins may not have been what james and lily were expecting, but, they loved the children both none the less, almost immediately. Sirius Black was named the godfather of both children.

The twins were always very close, since birth. They slept in the same bassinet, played together, and were the apples of their parents' eyes. While Harry was definitely a more mischievous baby, Grace was very sweet and shy; but, very affectionate. Harry looked like James, but had Lily's eyes. And Grace looked more like Lily, with bright blue eyes.

It was shortly after the twins were born when Dumbledore came to Godric's Hollow with the worst news a parent could get-Lord Voldemort, the Dark wizard who had recently risen to power, was after their son, Harry. the prophecy was explained to the young parents, and that an informant had tipped Dumbledore off on the plans for the Potters. So, the family went into hiding.

When they were betrayed by Peter Pettigrew, and Voldemort came to Godric's Hollow, the parents fought back. James was killed while trying to fend him off, to buy his wife some time, while Lily grabbed the two children and ran upstairs, putting them in their crib while she barricaded the door, trying to soothe them. Harry just looked at her. Grace cried.

The door was blasted open, and the Dark wizard gave Lily the choice to take her daughter and leave, or have her and both of her children die. Lily refused to let anything happen to her children, and threw herself as a shield between Harry and Grace.

Voldemort killed her, while Grace sobbed loudly as her mother fell to the ground, even as Harry looked into his face. Right then and there, the Dark wizard made a choice-to kill Harry first, then finish Grace off last; one last punishment for Lily's ignorance. Lily's sacrifice gave them both the protection, but, he chose Harry. Then, the killing curse backfired-and a bit of Voldemort's soul latched on to the curse's intended target; Harry.

The children's godfather, Sirius Black, arrived at the Potters' shortly before Rubeus Hagrid did that night. He saw his best friends, dead, and immediately ran to find Grace howling in their crib with Harry crying quietly beside her; a lightening shaped scar on his forehead. The man immediately picked up Grace to comfort her, when Hagrid arrived-with orders from Dumbledore.

Sirius begged him to let him take the twins, but, when Hagrid stuck by his instructions, lent Hagrid his bike to get the twins there, safely. Grace had calmed down by now, and with both babies strapped safely into harnesses on his chest, the giant kicked off from the destroyed house and into the night. Sirius disappeared, and was arrested the next day-and sent to Azkaban Wizard Prison.

Dumbledore left the children on the doorstep of their only living relative's doorstep- Petunia Dursley, and her family. When she saw them there, she screamed, waking Grace up in a fit of tears. The next few weeks were exceedingly disturbing and unnatural for both of them, but, more so, for Grace. The girl did not like her aunt and uncle, or her cousin, Dudley, and when she wasn't crying hysterically, she would just stare in silence. within the month, the Dursleys decided she was too much for them to handle, and since Dumbledore had only instructed petunia to keep the charm on harry intact, they tried to pawn Grace onto an orphanage. Luckily, Dumbledore intervened, and took Grace back to the Dursleys.

The Dursleys explained their problems with Grace and begged Dumbledore to find her somewhere else to stay. They simply did not care that James and Lily wouldn't have wanted the twins separated. Very reluctantly, Dumbledore took Grace away from the Dursleys, and her brother. She was taken care of, under his instruction, by Hagrid for a few days — before finding her a home with an old friend of Lily's from school, a former Gryffindor, named Jenny Hopewell.

He met with Jenny in Diagon Alley, where she owned a small, second hand bookshop, and explained to her the situation. She was reluctant, at first, doubting her own abilities as a caregiver, especially to a little girl who had already lost so much. But, seeing the little redheaded toddler peek out from Hagrid's shoulder and give her a small, timid smile, she relented and took her in. Soon enough, Grace took a liking to her, and Jenny raised her as a single parent. 

Hogwarts Years Edit

First Year (1991) Edit

Second Year (1992) Edit

Third year (1993) Edit

The Second Wizarding war Edit


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