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A hybrid is deadly. Deadlier than vampires, werewolves, witches, or any other species they are related to. They possess the strengths of their related species, but not so much their weaknesses. If the hybrids want it, they can become the most unstoppable race.
Castiel explaining hybrids in detail to Dean and Sam.



Species Information
  • All Seasons
  • Extant (rare)
  • Abomination
Related species
  • Eve (Originator, of all monsters)
  • Alpha Vampire (Progenitor, of the first breed of vampires)
  • Walsh Family (Original vampire family; first breed of vampires)
  • A supernatural species that possesses the combination of features and abilities of other species.

Hybrids are a crossbreed between two or more different supernatural species.

The term been most commonly used to describe a werewolf-vampire hybrid, or a werewolf turned into a vampire, as they were the very first type of hybrids to exist. However, they are not the only hybrids.

All hybrids in existence are members of the Walsh family.


The first hybrid, Klaus, was conceived when his mother, Esther, a vampire, had an affair with a man named Ansel Yates, a werewolf. When Klaus made his first kill, he triggered his werewolf gene, thus truley making him even more of a hybrid.

The second hybrid, Jameson, is a human-vampire hybrid. He was conceived when his mother, Katherine Morgenstern, fell in love and slept with Elijah Walsh, a member of the first family of vampires. A human-vampire hybrid is the second type of hybrid to come into existence.


Werewolf-Vampire Edit

To become a werewolf-vampire hybrid, a werewolf must have either Klaus' or Hope's blood in his/her system and be killed to begin the transition. The transition will then only be successful if the werewolf then drinks the blood of Klaus or Hope.

Presumably, a werewolf does not have to have their lycanthropic gene activated in order to become a hybrid. After the first kill, the werewolf gene will trigger and the vampire will become a hybrid; whether this is possible remains to be seen.

Due to there werewolf side, hybrids can have children much easier than vampires can. However, so far, Klaus is the only werewolf-vampire hybrid to have a child.


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