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Isobel Allison Milligan
Biographical information

September 29, 1990



  • Iz
Physical description


Hair color

Brown, Usually Curled

Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
Love Interest(s)


  • Ledan (fling/good friend)
Other characteristics
Specific Skills
  • Tracking
  • Weapons Experience
Specific Weakness

All Human Weaknesses

Significant Kills


  • Student (formerly)
  • Hunter (currently)

I'm not your family, Dean, I had a brother, you still remember Adam? Yeah, you promised to save him, and then you left him for dead. Some fuckin' family.
Isobel Milligan

Isobel Allison Milligan, is the daughter of Kate Milligan and John Winchester, the twin sister of Adam Milligan and the younger half sister of Sam and Dean Winchester. She grew up for most of her life with her mom and brother, in Windom, Minnesota.

t was in her her later childhood she and Adam met John and even then they had only sporadic contact with their father, which Isobel resented, leading her to be somewhat unfairly hostile toward the man. When she was 18 she went to UCLA to study performing arts, hoping to one day become an actress.

However, after a year he is lured back into town by a ghoul posing as her brother, who informed her that their mother was missing and that he’d enlisted the help of John’s ‘friends’, Sam and Dean. She rushed home, desperate to assist her brother in the search for Kate. She and ‘Adam’ met up with the brothers, only for Isobel to discover that they were, in fact, her two half brothers.

Not incredibly enthused at the news, and determined to find her mother alive before it was too late, she was distant toward her new-found brothers. Even after Dean discovered that she was probably dead, unlike ‘Adam’, she didn’t make much, if any, attempt to get to know them. All other priorities were drowned out by her will to find her mother alive. Instead she used the brothers’ knowledge in hunting to help her get revenge against the thing who killed her mom, exploiting Sam’s willingness to teach them the ropes.

She insisted on following Dean to the cemetery when he stormed off, much to his annoyance, in the hopes they might turn something up. The two, however, ended up trapped in the creatures’ lair only to discover, to Isobel’s horror, the corpses of both Kate and Adam Milligan.

After they escape and rescue Sam, she pretends to cave to Dean’s whining and tells the brothers that, now the monsters who killed her family are dead, she’ll go back to college to live a normal life. This, however, was a flagrant lie. Now she knew about the supernatural, she couldn’t just go back to her studies and hopefully become an actress, she had to help, so she got to finding a new case.

Isobel now continues to hunt the supernatural. Occasionally teaming up with fellow hunters she has met along the way.


Early LifeEdit

Jump The SharkEdit

Learning the RopesEdit




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