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Biographical information






Place of Death

Pre-Viking Scandinavia (during the mid Archaic Period)

  • Joph (by Gabriel and Remiel)
  • Eileifr (Vessel's name, alias)
  • Thor (alias)
  • "Ammiel" (claimed by Ledan when he wants to hide what rank his father is)
Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
Love Interest(s)


Other characteristics
Specific Skills
  • Archangel abilities (as seen here)
  • Adept in fighting with a sword or angel blade
Specific Weakness
  • Holy oil and Holy fire
  • Archangel Blade
  • God (has the power to destroy his son, as he created him)
  • Death (as the very embodiment of Death, he can kill Jophiel)

All languages

Killed By



Warrior of God (formerly)

Oh that? That's nothing, humans do that sometimes. It happens.

Jophiel was the second youngest and first to die of the eight archangels, older than only Remiel.  He is also the father of the nephilim, Ledan. To his distaste, he was named in mythology and lore as the angel of love and beauty. He was loyal to a fault, his alliance to Lucifer getting him eventually killed at the hands of Michael. At some point before 339BC he fell for a human woman named Thyrvï, with whom he had his son, who was thus an 'abomination'.

It's suggested that his loyalty to Lucifer comes from him being practically 'raised' by him, in a similar way to how Michael, in turn, raised Lucifer. So when Lucifer fell, Jophiel, being rather (though he wouldn't admit it) naïve, also fell, feeling that it was his duty to stand up for his big brother. Once on earth, however he did nothing to further Lucifer's cause as he was already long gone. He thus found himself mainly guided by Gabriel who seemed to try his best to keep him out of trouble.

He was eventually killed by his older brother Michael in 337BC, for siding with Lucifer and falling from heaven. Luckily, Michael didn't know of Ledan (due to Jophiel's paranioa surrounding making sure Ledan and his mother remained a secret), or he almost definitely would have at least tried to kill him too, as he's considered an abomination. While Jophiel was naïve enough to believe that Michael wouldn't harm him, he knew that he definitely would harm his son.

While Jophiel actively tried not to be seen this way, he was clearly fitting of his title, as he was truly devoted to Thyrvï and his son. He was clearly fuelled by his ability to love and trust. Remiel, Jophiel's youngest brother, has stated on one occasion that he "believe[s] that his choice to have [Ledan] made him the happiest [he'd] remember[ed] ever seeing him". All of these factors made his position as the "angel of love and beauty" far more fitting than Jophiel cared to admit. Despite this, Jophiel had almost a laughable rejection of his title, claiming himself as somewhat tough and misunderstood, almost "edgy". 

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