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Biographical information

Around 1280 BC, Greece


Around 1260 BC, Greece

Perpetual age


Created by



Princess Kali (By the Volturi Guard)

Physical description






Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color
  • Brown (human)
  • Red
  • Black (When thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics

Basic Vampire Abilities

Special abilities

Vibration Emission


The Volturi

I share my father's ambition of power, which is why I stay by his side.
— Kali about her relationship to her father, Aro

Kali Athena Volturi is the biological daughter of Aro Volturi and a woman named Danae, born while Aro were still human. She is a member of the Volturi coven and were turned by her father on her 18th birthday. She is also the adopted 'daughter' of Aro's mate, Sulpicia.

Kali is, just like her father, gifted and possesses the ability of Vibration Emission.

She is portrayed by Crystal Reed in the movie adaptations.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

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New Moon Edit

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Breaking Dawn Edit

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Physical apperance Edit

"She was beautiful, just like any other vampire.
Her skin pale in contrast to her dark brown hair."
―Bella on seeing Kali for the first time
Kali is described as being average built, being 5'3" tall and pale skin. Her hair is dark brown hair is semi-short, when she were 'younger' her hair was longer but over the centuries as fashion has changed; she has cut it.

She is, just like all other vampires, described as being unnaturally beautiful.

Her dark brown hair gives a beautiful contrast to her pale skin.

She was turned when she was 18, meaning she has a lot of youthful beauty to her.

Personality Edit

Kali is, just like her father, thirsty for power. She is very polite as long as she is not angered. In that case, it's like flipping a coin and she becomes what her father refers to as a 'Devil'. If she becomes angry she becomes ruthless and it doesn't matter who she speaks to, she screams and snaps at them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Kali possesses the basic vampire abilities as well as the ability Vibration Emission. She is also talented in physical combat, a skill she has achieved by training with Felix.

Vibration Emission Edit

"Isn't she marvelous? She can destory so much
with just a snap of her fingers."
―Aro on Kali's gift, Vibration Emission
Kali possesses the ability Vibration emission, which allows her to generate shock-waves that can push targets over, repulse them away, shatter them or even cause earthquakes by shaking the ground or dislodging underground tectonic plates, thus causing earthquakes by just snapping her fingers or clap her hands together.

Relationships Edit

Aro Edit

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Kali's father: Aro

"I gave you your name for a reason, you are meant for destruction."
―Aro to Kali about her name

Aro is Kali's biological father, and the one Kali resembles the most. They share the thrist for power and Aro spoils his daughter. He is, however, also very protective of her.

Sulpicia Edit


Kali's adoptive 'mother': Sulpicia

"Don't try to act like you're my mother, because you're not."
―Kali to Sulpicia

Sulpicia is Aro's mate and Kali's adoptive 'mother'. However, Kali doesn't see her as such. She sees her as her father's mate but nothing more.

Aro have tried to make the two bond but Kali refuses to see Sulpicia as even the slightest of a mother figure.

Jane Edit

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"Do it again, I love to see them suffer."
―Kali & Jane

Kali considers Jane a sister, and the two gets along very well. Kali almost always make sure to be around when Jane uses her gift on someone, since she enjoys seeing the guards wither in pain.

Portrayal Edit

Kali is portrayed by actress Kathryn Prescott in New Moon & Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Apperances Edit

  • New Moon
  • New Moon (Film)
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Film)

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