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Katherine Sparrow
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December 14, 1712




Katy - (Jack)

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Jack Sparrow( (Brother)

Magical characteristics

Jack Sparrow

"Do you honestly believe that I don`t have a plan B? And if that fails a plan C and a plan D. You know how the alphabet works don`t you. "
—Katherine to Jack

Katherine Nymphadora Sparrow born December 14, 1712 in Hawaii on board her father's ship whilst her parents where on a trip in search of some hidden treasure. She is the younger child to Captain Edward Teague and the only sibling to the infamous Jack Sparrow. Growing up she was simply known as Katy by most people that were around her, who was much like her brother who both had a desire for adventure. Never being the one for manners, dresses and pretty shoes, she was the one who got down and dirty always wearing trousers, riding shoes and coats. Although she did wear the odd dress every once in a while, only if it was for special occasions. 


Katherine Sparrow was born to Edward Teague and an un-known female on a ship that had set sail in search of hidden treasure that was most wanted by every pirate around. Katherine grew up in a timultous household full of outlaws at Shipwreck Cove. Growing up she spent most of her time pondering about her mother, always asking where she was and why she wasn't here like most girl's mother's were always with them, this however led to a very misleading relationship between Katherine and her father. Katherine was never really close to Captain Teague, she only spoke to him when she had to, it was the same with the her brother, Jack, she always felt as though she wasn't really apart of their family and like Jack she was unsure if Edward Teague was really her father. 

Katherine Pierce21


As a teenager, Katherine became friends with a local boy who was apart of the Royal Navy. The two had became inseprable (much to her fathers dismay who had warned her not to go anywhere near him) but he didn't know who she really was, she lied about her name and her family. Telling him that she was from a very wealthy family just outside of town, who liked to keep themselves to themselves, which is why you never saw them around, although he did start to get suspicious.  It was late one evening when Katherine was walking back from the docks intoxicated when she spotted Nathaniel, not knowing exactly what she was doing she ended up spilling her secrets, giving her true identity aswell as the rest of her family. Immediatley Nathaniel reported the Sparrow's and the Navy had set off in search of them, leaving a very furious Captain. Because of her foolishness her family disowned her for her shameful actions which left a devastated Katherine who then banished to England, where she quickly adjusted to being English.

Katherne in England

Years later, Katherine had managed to leave the English land and set sail for many different islands by disguising herself as a male to be apart of many different crews. --- UNDER CONSTRUCTION THIS IS JUST A DRAFT --

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