vampires & werewolves & witches, oh my !!! katherine pierce has returned to mystic falls, & for kennedy & the gang, that only means one thing——trouble. with senior year coming to a close, kennedy doesn’t have time to deal with a rogue vampire posing as her best friend & wrecking havoc throughout town, but when elena & damon bring back the petrova family book, kennedy’s life is turned upside down again. the name anastasia petrova sits scrawled next to a picture of kennedy’s face among the pages, & now kennedy has questions———questions only katherine can answer. however, with the threat of werewolves on the horizon & soon after the mysterious original klaus, kennedy’s questions are left behind for a rainy day. & she soon receives answers she didn’t want instead——like her father being a witch, making her one as well.


Stefan and Kennedy confront Katherine at the Masquerade in 2.07.