Damon seeing Kennedy walk into the Mikaelson Ball in Dangerous Liaisons.

Senior year has finally come to a close, but for Kennedy Steele, her first year out of high school doesn’t go quite as she imagined it. Taking a gap year to help sort out the traumatic and supernatural events her and her friends endured before summer began, Kennedy has put her life and education on hold. with Stefan missing and on a ripper bend, klaus attempting to create a hybrid army, and Jeremy seeing ghosts, Kennedy just can’t seem to leave Mystic Falls behind without worrying. Instead, she’s spending the year investigating with Damon, practicing her magic with her dad and Bonnie, and helping Alaric grade papers ( and even subbing as the history teacher when he’s still a bit tipsy in the morning ).  As more enemies seem to stack against the group, Kennedy unfolds more of her past and still has yet to finish reading Les Miserables.


Damon and Kennedy converse with Kol at the Mikaelson Ball (Dangerous Liaisons).


Kennedy and Damon discuss Rose and Damon's need for the world to believe he's bad (Heart of Darkness).