The summer’s over, and now Kennedy has to move on from mourning Elena’s tragic——ending. Now a junior at Whitmore, Kennedy continues to go through the motions with all of her friends, but school seems to matter less and less as Lily and her family of heretics force Stefan, Caroline, and Matt to make a deal and evacuate the town of Mystic Falls. Kennedy and Bonnie, wanting to get their town back and get rid of the heretics, decide to help Damon search for a way to stop the Heretics. However, things quickly took a turn for the complicated after Bonnie brings someone else back to life in Jo’s body using a mysterious Phoenix Stone. Lily uses it to bring back her manipulative old boyfriend, but it’s not until Rayna Cruz, a practically immortal vampire huntress gets her hand on the Phoenix Stone and Sword does shit really hit the fan. The gang ends up separated for three years until saving Caroline (and later Bonnie ) brings them back together to get rid of Rayna once & for all.

2014-2016 Edit

Something went wrong. Actually, a lot of things went wrong, & Kennedy's pretty confident this wasn’t how Irina Bennett imagined Ana’s new life would turn out when she spelled Anastasia’s soul to reincarnate for eternity: a mortal eternity, that’s what she had in mind, not the immortal eternity Kennedy was now the victim of. But let’s cut to the chase, Kennedy died when Damon came back out of the stone, and in her place returned an immortal, memory-wiped version of herself. That was until Katherine strutted back into town and triggered Anastasia Petrova's memories. For a week, the gang had to deal with the conniving and manipulative younger Petrova sister ( among the rest of the shit going on around them ) until even Katherine could see this wasn’t going to end well for any of them and helped Damon and the others restore the rest of the memories——as in all of the memories. first came Eliza ( who hung around for almost a whole day ) then Evelyn, and finally, finally Kennedy resurfaced. Kennedy now remembered every single life Anastasia's soul had lived through. Having four lifetimes running through her head was hard, and it took Kennedy a lot of emotional and mental effort to sort through and figure out who she was——is. But she has more important things to worry about——like the hunter chasing Stefan and their friends. And since Rayna drove them out of Mystic Falls, Kennedy goes into hiding, traveling across the country before finally settling in Memphis with her cousins & the Steele Coven.

Flashforwards Edit

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