Full list of Leda's known spells (which I'll likely take forever to write up). A lot of the ingredients only make sense to him, as they're in his language and in some cases he named them himself, as they're pre-made mixtures he's given meaning to through trial and error. A lot of Ledan't magic is made up on the fly, however a lot is repeated from reference if a spell fits exactly the thing he wants to do again. If a newly invented spell exists, he writes it down ready to be referenced again if needed.

Locator SpellEdit

Note: this spell is simple enough to block if you're hiding from someone, with most good quality cloaking wards.

​Items Needed: ​Optional Items:
  • Strjúkaskrúð duft (added strength)
  • Sought after person's hair (to aid precision/strengthen, if the loctaor spell is for a person)


  • Lay out the map along the floor so that the entire thing is clearly visible and you're able to walk on it (it's best to take off your shoes). You may have to do this outside, if space is lacking.
  • Light the candle, and place on a table.
  • Grind up the Nutmeg, Ævintýlíma and Blikthaflaða duft with the pestle and mortar until you have a green paste.
  • Optional: grind in extra ingerdients and grind into the existing paste.
  • Burn the alder wood in the candle flame utntil it sets alight itself, and while it's alight, drop it into the mix (it helps to have the mix near the flame).
    • You may want to avert your eyes while you do this as the result will be a short flash.
  • The alder wood will now appear as if completely charred, as if if you breathed near it it would crumble.
  • Carefully pick up the charred wood, and crumble it once you're in the centre of the map. The charcoal will turn to ash and float toward the item/person you are looking for on the map and collect there in a small heap (exact loctaion will be the centre of the heap so you may want to mark that before interfearing with the ash).

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