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Lilith Harper Valiente
Biographical information

October 13, 1987; Volterra, Italy

Physical description





5'10 (178)

Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Holly Valiente † (mother)
  • Dave Valiente † (father)
  • Various ancestors †
Magical characteristics


descended from

Valiente Bloodline

"You know, I've never understood you vampires. You're such petty little things; always fighting, always willing to sell out your own kind. No wonder you're so desperate for survival. You are worse than humans. You're worse than werewolves, and yet you claim to be gods"
Lilith antagonizes Edward.

Lilith "Lily" Harper Valiente, born in October 13th, is a witch and the daughter to Dave and Holly Valiente. The Valiente bloodline was responsible for creating the first vampire which resulted in a never-ending feud between the Valiente and Adriani bloodline. For centuries, witches and warlocks were gathered and forced to serve the Volturi, aiding them in many events such as the hunting of the immortal children and the children of the moon. The Valiente bloodline was known to be the oldest and most powerful family of witches, with each generation of their family becoming stronger and stronger, eventually coming down to Lilith.

It became apparent from a young age that Lilith was an exceptionally powerful witch. Her powers remained dormant until she turned thirteen, which was when Lilith started to be able to channel her supernatural abilities such as telekinesis, and pyrokinesis. Her powers were originally tied to her emotions and whenever she felt fear or anger, Lilith would accidentally send objects flying across the room, and set things on fire without touching them.

Since discovering her talents, Aro became fascinated with Lilith. In his 2,000 years of being alive he had not seen a witch as powerful as Lilith. She proved herself to be able to defend herself from a vampire attack when Aro had Felix attack Lilith (but not fatally harm her) as a test. Lilith quickly became one of Aro's most prized possessions, next to Jane and Alec of course. 

Around the time Lilith turned fourteen, Aro had wanted to know what would happen to a witch if they were to be bitten by a vampire, and decided to turn Lilith himself to see the outcome. Lilith's parents were appalled by the idea, and when they tried to stop him, Aro killed them. Lilith wasn't made aware of her parent's demise until she accidentally cast a spell which gave her a vision of the past: showing her the exact events of Aro killing her parents. Overcome with rage and fear, Lilith took her family's book of shadows and used her powers to escape Volterra. Aro send Felix amd Demetri to capture Lilith and bring her back to Volterra, but Lilith used her magic to "shield" her from being tracked by Demetri's tracking ability, allowing her to escape. 

Lilith lived on the streets for many months to come, quickly developing a deep and vengeful hatred for all vampires. When she grew tired of running, she turned herself into the police. They placed her into a foster home, where they soon moved to the small town of Forks, Washington.